Women Who Litter

8 years ago
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The Duggars are having their 19th child,  Octomom has 14,while the Gosselins, those
slackers, have only managed to produce eight, but there’s something else these
incessant breeders have in common besides hyperactive uteruses…

Until recent history, there were always carnival freak shows
featuring such oddities as the bearded lady, the elephant man and your usual
assortment of midgets.  Nowadays, such
would be considered politically incorrect, so those in the business of
entertainment have simply adapted with the creation of  reality TV and, in particular, shows about families
with no concept of population control.  

What puzzles me is who watches these shows?    I can’t imagine they have a large male
following and I don’t know of any single, childless women like me who’d be
enthralled, so who is the audience for these ventures into the wonderful world
of procreation? 

Now, I have to admit that I’ve tuned into the Jon & Kate
show a few times, but only to see what new and exciting way Kate would come up
with that week to emotionally castrate the proud father of her brood.    It was nice to see Jon finally show some
balls in a recent interview where he said he “despised” Kate, and Kate’s forced
smile and Herculean effort to take the high road in response has been a thing
of beauty to behold.   That’s got to be
causing her a serious rash somewhere though, don’t you think?   I mean, you just can’t hold that kind of stuff
in and expect the body to oblige forever. 

The Duggars’ shtick apparently is giving all their offspring
a name beginning with the letter “J”, although why the affinity for that particular
consonant I don’t know.   I e-mailed them and asked “Hey, what’s up with
the J’s?” or words to that effect.   I got
an e-mail back from the super hero of sperm himself, Jim Bob Duggar, trying to
sell me a Duggar DVD and a bible, but no answer to my question.   He did, however, want me to know that they
manage to raise their little products of God’s love (because they attribute
their flagrant humping like bunnies to God’s will, of course) absolutely debt
free.   Well, sure you can, Duggars.   Because people like me are subsidizing
you.   You get another tax deduction with
each new kid you pop out.   And on behalf
of taxpayers everywhere, let me just say it’s our pleasure.

At least the Octomom had the fleeting presence of mind to
admit in an interview back in June that maybe having all these kids wasn’t the
best idea she ever had.    Let’s hope
that moment of lucidity didn’t put a damper on the box office returns of  “Octomom – The Musical.”  Yes. 

Which brings me back to my original question.   Who is the audience for these shows?   I did some research and found a site where
the fans of the Duggars could leave comments. 
From someone calling herself Ms Juicy Boo we have:    “Yep
its tru…I like the show…Havent seen the new ones yet…but I dont think its out
yet either…So I havent watched it…but having 18 kids is CRAZY…I wonder will she
every get on BC…or would the hospitals are soemthing make…meanin if she get old
and is still having kids!??? hmmm”

“Yep.”  I think that
pretty much solves the mystery for me.    





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