Why Should I Use a 20ft Video Camera Tower to Film Sporting Events?

10 months ago
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Whether you are filming sporting events for coaching purposes, team promotional purposes, or you are a professional sports video company, a good quality video camera tower is one piece of equipment that can make all the difference to the quality of your sports video footage.
If you do go to a lot of sporting events, you will probably have seen other people using telescopic endzone video towers and you might have assumed that equipment like that must be very expensive, but you might be surprised at just how  affordable camera towers actually are now. Here are just some of the reasons that anyone who takes a lot of sports video footage should invest in a good quality endzone camera tower system.
You can see the full picture
The best place for filming any sporting event is from an elevated position, because you get a much wider picture of the action on the field. You can’t really get a good shot of something like a long pass, or a long run, with a ground level, close up shot, because you don’t get a proper feel of the distance involved and you will probably get camera blur when you try to follow the action.
It’s much better for coaching
If you are using video as a coaching tool, then you will get far better insights to games and practices by using high angled shots. You will also get much more out of coaching apps like Hudl with high angle shots as well. A high angled shot will provide you with wider footage of the field of play, which will enable you to see what is going on, both on and off the ball.
Less running around!
In fast-paced sports, such as lacrosse or soccer, if you are using a hand held device to take video footage, you are going to be doing lot running around if you want to keep up with the action. A 20ft video camera, located on the sideline at the halfway point, will allow you to follow the play from one end to the other, without you having to work as hard as the players.
No footage of the backs of spectators’ heads
Another big advantage you will get from using a 20ft high endzone camera system is that no one is going to get in your way, and that applies both to spectators and players on the field.
No camera shake
You can use handheld devices such as iPads, iPhones and cameras take video footage of a sports event, but even the best image stabilization features are going to struggle to keep a clear image when you are running up and down the sideline. A camera tower will give you a stable base from which to take your videos and that will mean shake-free sports videos.
You can take it with you to every game
Modern endzone video camera systems are surprisingly lightweight and portable too. They pack away neatly and they can easily be transported from game to game, so you can get high quality, professional video footage of your team, wherever they travel to play.
If you don’t yet have a video camera tower and you’d like to know more about how one could improve your sports video footage, check out this best-selling endzone video system from Hi Rise Camera and find out how much better high angle sports video footage that has been taken from a 20ft camera tower looks.