Why Planned Parenthood Is Right About Mitt Romney

4 years ago

In an effort to further spread awareness, Planned Parenthood is flexing its’ pretty political arm to explain why Mitt Romney is the wrong choice for women, embracing the media to run their largest campaign ad to date. According to the Washington Post, Planned Parenthood has recently announced that it will run its biggest ad in Virginia and Ohio over the next several weeks.

Although many of us are caught up in the debate over which candidate will best represent the nation, there’s one candidate in particular many women are keeping an eye on: Mitt Romney. In fact, this ad will be blatantly centered around Romney’s opposition to Roe vs. Wade, a precedent many feel uplifted women from the dark ages and helped us gain more independence over our bodies.

Why? Because women are tired of getting the short end of the stick—tired of being told what we can and cannot do with our bodies. At least I know I am. So yes, let’s turn back the clock so that I can elaborate on why I agree with Planned Parenthood’s strategy to spread awareness.

In my new book, No Crying For Elena, I described what it was like as a frightened pregnant teen and what little options I had. During the most confusing time of my life, Planned Parenthood was there to help someone like me, an unscrupulous girl by society’s standards.

In fact, it’s all too familiar really and it rubs me the wrong way…every time. The Romneys, the Limbaughs, the Akins of this world all unwittingly draw me back to a time in my life when I needed someone to help me, not judge me.

Their views on what women should do in this or that situation conflict wholly with the pro-choice ideology many of us have come to enjoy. Something these men can never even begin to comprehend.

So the thought of electing a guy to presidency who has been quoted as having such controversial and arguably, narrow-minded views of women and our rights is more than unsettling. Knowing that as soon as these guys step into power, women everywhere will shudder with indignation, as if the same sex that births the world, the same gender that birth these very men, is something to be ashamed of for we will always be held responsible for the things we can and cannot control.

So when I learned that Planned Parenthood was doing their part during this election by launching their own campaign, one which will further demean the candidate who seems to be the wrong choice for women everywhere, I was onboard. That’s why it goes without saying that I have to support the candidate who is for women’s rights.

 As a result, I have to support Planned Parenthood. How could I not support the very center that was there for me when my own blood would not help me? When I needed this place and had no money, it was unbelievably comforting to have a place to turn to.

That’s what Planned Parenthood has done throughout the years. Luckily, this organization has helped many teens, unwed mothers and those who lack the necessary healthcare to receive the medical treatment they needed.

In my eyes, it really was the ‘judgment free zone.’ Thus, it’s important to have a president who gets this and tries to support this organization, so that Planned Parenthood can continue to help others.

This is one of many reasons I’ll always support them and what this organization stands for. Although the ad is called “Turn Back The Clock,” I feel sure that this organization will continue to help women move forward, not backwards.

If anything, the phrase serves as a reminder of how far we’ve come and why some things should be left in the past, as they no longer fit the promising future we rightfully aspire to.

*Originally published on YourTango.* N. Meridian is a proofreader, editor, author of No Crying For Elena, YourTango Expert, and freelance writer of various subjects. You can follow her on Facebook at www.Facebook/#!/inamerdian or www.facebook.com/ascandalouslyfabulouslife.com. You can also follow her at www.twitter.com/asflife.

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