Why is this not already a rule with everything?

4 years ago
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(Note: By "footballers" I think they mean soccer players, but this really should apply to all sports anyway.)

So the headline reads: "Post-concussion 'return-to-play' decision for footballers should be made solely by doctors." Really? We don't already have that as a rule?

I know, sports is about money. But who is going to change these rules if wives, moms and sisters don't get involved? The players do what they're told (in most cases) and want to play (and make money). The coaches are about winning (in most cases). I'm not even convinced that a sideline doc doesn't have some investment - especially if they work for one of the teams! Surely we can make it mandatory for every game to have a neutral doc (a medical ref, if you will) to call the shots!

As the journal editors of The Lancet Neurology say, the decision for players to return to play "should be taken out of the hands of those with a vested interest in the player's performance."

Here's what I read: