Why Katniss Could Kick Bella @SS - vamp or not!

5 years ago

If you don't understand the heading of this post, then you should probably just skip it. Don't know who Katniss is - shame on you! Not sure about the Bella reference? Double shame.

Today, on the opening day of Hunger Games - I wanted to post a quick blog about why I think Katniss could kick Bella @ss

Let it be noted that I'm a huge fan of both books.  I enjoy the Twilight series and can't wait for the final movie.  The books far surpass the films, but I still eager await each opening weekend and have been known to attend alone if necessary. 

I read the Hunger Games series in about 3 weeks. And that included days I waited for the books via my local library.  My #2 baby was a newborn and I would nurse her with one arm and read with the other. Blissful.  Then I realized that I needed to reread the stories because, well, I just wanted to be sure I got it all.  So I reread it in about 1 week thanks to my Nook. 

The character of Bella is an interesting character. She has some strong characteristics. She is selfless. She loves her parents, she loves Jacob, and she loves Edward.  She is smart and quirky. She is independent. And while she enjoys her new human friends in Forks, she doesn't really get into all that jazz (dances, beach parties).  She walks to the beat of her own drummer even before she become mezmorized by Edward. 

But the relationship with Edward is so unhealthy. It is one thing to love your children or your parents unconditionally.  But I'm a believer that a boyfriend/girlfriend realtionship or husband/wife relationship is contigent on a few things. I love my husband, but if he beat me, was cruel to me (or my kids), if he put me in harms way (let's say something like knowing put me in danger by introducing me to a town full of vampires) I might rethink things.  In the second book, Bella is so codependent on Edward that she falls into a crazy depression when he leaves her for her own good.  He was right. He should have left and stayed gone.  But he didn't.

Once Edward was back I did root for those crazy kids to make it work. But overall, I think Bella's character could have been stronger.  With the birth of Renesme she starts to show some strength, but there is still this crazy codependency that I just can't get over. 

Katniss Everdeen, on the other hand, is strong, self sufficient young lady who is also selfless. She throw herself into the ring to save her little sister.  She puts herself in harms way to save Peeta.  But throughout the story she is questioning everything and everyone. She doubts all.  Even the few that she didn't doubt (ah, hmmm...I'm talking to you Gale) turn on her and she eventually realizes that she needs to doubt him too. 

While both girls are guarded, Katniss seems to manage herself better. She doesn't get caught up in the love triangle. She postpones that decision becuase there are more important things to worry about (will I survive this game?). 

Therefore - Katniss could shoot Vamp Bella with a bow (blessed with holy water, is that how it works?) and Katniss would win. Right?

Regardless, Hunger Games opens today (or midnight last night) - have you read the books? Are you going to the movie? I just can't wait!




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