Why I'm Pro Life, Anti Ultrasound, and Anti Rush

5 years ago

Frustrated. That’s what I am. Frustrated.


I am Pro Life. I’m going to be very up front about that. I believe all lives are worth something. I would never choose abortion for myself. I would love to see all children born into loving homes or adopted into them.


I’ve also worked in the social system for a long time. I’ve seen a lot of children who aren’t part of a loving family. I’ve seen children crumple and fall under the weight of abuse or neglect. I’ve also seen children persevere despite these challenges… and those children make me beam with pride.


I am also a realist. I DO believe that people who desperately want something will find a way to make that happen. If you don’t believe me, look at history. Prohibition is a great example of this phenomenon. People still abuse drugs, despite laws against them. A medical procedure with such far reaching and unintended ramifications (permanent sterilization or death) – is scary. I fear for those who have this procedure done by amateurs in non sterile circumstances.


This doesn’t mean I’m not pro-life. If anyone were to ask me for council, I would encourage them to have their precious baby. I’m saying the issue is complex. I’m saying pro-life doesn’t mean you must be shutting down every abortion clinic in the USA. Things aren’t always as black and white. Lots of great people live in the shades of grey.


I also don’t want to know that some young, scared girl is going to have to watch an ultrasound after she has made such a huge decision. She may have her personal reasons for wanting an abortion. When she is deciding, I would offer her support to have the baby. But once the decision was made, I’m not sorry to say – I would not condemn her. Nor would I wish her any more heartache than she will most certainly endure. Why? Why does she have to look at an ultrasound picture? So that can be etched in her brain like a scarlet letter? So moral men can pass judgment as if they never make choices others don’t approve of? Glass houses… men. Glass houses…


Which leads me to Rush Limbaugh. The king of glass houses. The man who turned a request for birth control into a name calling feud and sparked another round of sex for pleasure must be the devil’s work assaults. I feel like we have stepped back into time about 50 years. In his attempt to uphold moral values, he has ushered in a great divide and made “Christian Values” seem radical and anti-woman. I will tell you the truth… I don’t care for the man.




This battle rages – the one for women’s rights, a woman’s body, and the religious right. I just am saddened that things seem to be so charged to the right, no one can see those shades of grey. Those people who don’t care for Rush Limbaugh and his views, people who don’t agree with the new “ultrasound laws” – but still believe life is precious. Where are our voices?  

Kristen @ www.alittlesomethingforme.com

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