Why I Gave Up on "Glee"

6 years ago

I had such high hopes for the Fox phenomenon, Glee. As soon as I saw the promos introducing the crew of high school outcasts right before its splendid pilot episode, I was already hooked. The first season of the show didn’t disappoint; I was gleefully enthralled (sorry, I had to). But then came the second season -- and even Gwyneth Paltrow as Holly Holliday isn't enough to save the show for me.

This season, the glee club went to sectionals and lost, Quinn had her baby, Rachael and Finn hooked up, Artie and Tina started going out. They could’ve gone in so many interesting directions with the story lines, but no. They started taking the easy way out. They made stories around the songs they wanted to use (the Britney Spears episode was a waste of time), when they should’ve focused on character development and good writing ... AND THEN picked the right songs.

People who had no business hooking up did. Puck and Mercedes, seriously? Artie and Brittany? And I was almost disappointed they decided to have the two Asian cast members become a couple. Boring.

And I adore Kirk, but for a while there I thought he was the only one on the show.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Jane Lynch as much as the next person. Possibly more. But her character has become a joke, not the brilliantly-evil-yet-secretly-compassionate woman Sue Sylvester started out as in season one.

Add to that the writers’ tendency to make the female characters sound like whiny, lovesick fools, and I did the unthinkable a couple of weeks ago ...

I took Glee off my DVR’s “shows to record” list.

It had gotten to the point where I had 8 weeks' worth of episodes sitting in my DVR taking up valuable space, and I still didn’t have any desire to dive in and watch any of them -- a sure sign that I was ready to make a clean break.

I know there have been high points to this season. Lots of people loved the "Thriller" episode and the addition of Coach Bieste. Earlier this season, in Did Gwyneth Paltrow just save Glee? BlogHer Contributing Editor Laurie White pointed out that a lot of people have been having the same issues I have -- but that Gwyneth's character Holly Holliday was really fun.

Image courtesy FOX

Lea Michele’s consistently beautiful vocals are still a delight to hear/watch every week, and I will frankly miss them. I was nothing short of delighted every time Idina Menzel would show up to sing a few songs. And I love the deadpan one-liners that Heather Morris as Brittany delivers every week. But it’s not enough to make me sit through an hour of absurd storylines and one-dimensional characters.

So goodbye, Glee. I’ll probably download “The Glee Soundtrack: Volume 48” when it comes out next week, but I just can’t stand by and watch the show that you’ve become.

I’m sure you’ll survive without me.

What do you think -- are you over Glee or do you still love it? Or was it never your cup of tea? And did I miss something great in Gwyneth's second guest appearance in "the sex episode" last night?

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