Why I am voting for Obama

4 years ago

Okay...so election day is 3 days away.  I think by now most people know who they are going to vote for. 

So first let me say, no matter which candidate you endorse, please go vote.  We have the tremendous right to vote and with these rights come the repsonsibility to participate.  If a people act like they don't care about their rights, a time will come when someone will try to take those rights away. Look at the numerous scare tactics and voter suppression efforts that have been highlighted recently.  Do not be silent, Vote!

Now that I have made my public service announcement I am going to highlight why I am voting for Obama.

1. Recovery.  Believe it or not we are on an upswing.  I know many people are still struggling, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Now for all the whinners out there who feel it is not happening fast enough... let keep the facts in mind.  The geat depression took almost two decades to recover from.  We recovered because of Public Works progams that kept people working, welfare initiatives that kept the poor afloat, and WWII put a huge boost in the manufacturing industry.

I don't understand when as a people we went from a nation who was not afraid of hard work to we want a cure all pill that solves our problems overnight.  We did not get in this mess over night. I am not going to point fingers at a political group or leader that got us into this mess... because economically we have been digging this hole for a long time. Prior to WWII people bought what they could afford.  After WWII we became a creditor/debtor nation (not on a governmental level, but on a personal level).

It will be a long way to getting back to where we were, but let do the hard work... not look toward empty promises because we want to wake up and for everything to magically healed.

I say empty promises because while Romney has outlined a list of goals... he has not created a roadmap to acheive those goals.  Those that have been outlined, and then retracted and then restated behind closed doors do not economically add up.  I do not expect everyone to have studied econ., but if you had... you would know what little we know about Romney's plans...do not add up. He does not intend to share his full plans until after elected.  This is just shady to say the least.

2. Personal values: I was actually raised LDS (Mormon for the general population). While I no longer pratice this faith I did take the better teachings of the religion and incorpoate them into my belief system.  The first principal is stewardship.  The idea that we have a responsibilty to eachother and the things within our domain. The second is charity, that we help those less fortunate than ourselves. No more of this "Not with my taxes" BS.  I am surprised at the cold heartedness of Americans.  If taxes were not to be spent on the greater welfare of our nation then for what?  We are only as strong as those in our population who are less fortunate.  I for one do not want to live in a society who feels that helping the less fortunate is somehow a burden. Personally I am doing ok.  I have a fulltime job, benefits, I can pay my mortgage and other bills.  I don't have much cash left over at the end of the day, but I am staying afloat. If I can help others stay afloat by supporting policies that use taxes to help the less fortunate, that is what I will do.

3.Freedom: My belief is equality, fairness, compassion and true freedom of religion (not freedom restricted by relgion). True freedom arises when the people are not oppressed by laws. Laws can be good and can protect citizens, but when laws serve no purpose other then to force an agenda or bigotted conclusion these laws are not intended to protect, but to oppress. I am compelled to fight for marriage equality. True equality does not repress the rights of others or make them less. I fight for freedom of choice when it comes to those decisions most personal to us (I thought conservative's believe in less government intrusion into our lives?). I fight for the ability to live my life without someone else's religious convictions being legislated to rule me. I would not want Islamic tradition governing me any more than I want Christian evangelical law governing me.

I cannot say for sure where Romney really stands since he can't pick a policy and stay with it. I may never agree with his policy, but at this point I can't even respect him because his policy changes based on the people he is courting.

I can say that Obama has at least taken a stand and his actions follow this convictions. 






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