Why I Am Obsessed With Vampires

5 years ago

Hi friends! Happy Saturday!


I had a very late start because I was watching the Vampire Diaries yesterday night - I just started season 1 but I absolutely love it.


It turns out - I am quite the vampire fan (if there are any real vampires out there please note that I am not interested in meeting any of you in person - I just had to set the record straight in case there was confusion!). It all started with Twilight and it turned into a completely unexpected obsession. I picked up the book at Varna airport a couple of summers ago when I was flying back to London and had nothing to read. I had never heard of it and I almost didn't buy it because let's face it - a "vampire romance novel" is not the first thing that comes to mind when you want an interesting book. Oh, was I proven wrong! I absolutely loved it and I read the entire book from cover to cover that day. I bought the sequel New Moon the next day and the rest as they say is history.


I know these books divide opinion - you either love them passionately or you absolutely hate them. Well, they worked for me big time. Firstly, I admit the style is a bit shallow. Some sentences in the book read like a very bad romance novel. But the story works on so many levels and the plot develops at such a speed that I just could not stop reading. Plus, I am a sucker for a good love story. And let's face it - Bella and Edward are the real deal. But let's not focus on Bella, let's talk about the real star of the books. Boys, pay attention!


Edward Cullen is irresistible as far as I am concerned. Firstly, I love the fact that he is from a different era and a real gentleman. Who would mind a man with good manners, a romantic soul and on top of that he loves reading (plus he has had some time on his hands so he has read a lot!) Ah...a dream come true in today's world, I tell you. I love the fact that he has graduated highschool and college so many times and that he thinks of himself as a monster when in fact he is oh so perfect and good. Gotta love a humble guy! He glitters in the sun and can take Bella flying and oh, he reads people's minds so he can always disappear into the night before Bella's father walks into her room. On top of all of that, Edward is of course very strong and very fast. He scores 10 in my books for being capable to protect his woman which is always a good thing:) Of course, there is the little issue that at any moment in time he might accidentally kill Bella...but hey, nobody's perfect, right?


So to sum up: Twilight gets a 10 out of 10 from me.


Starting with the books I had a somewhat tortured transition to the movies. I absolutely hated them. Of course I went to see all of them and even dragged Bugi to them and of course he thinks I am crazy for insisting on watching to the end when they were so so bad. Well, the movies were bad but they reminded me how good the books were so I was willing to sit through them. I still don't know how Bugi survived.


From the Twilight saga, it was an easy jump to True Blood - the HBO vampire show. Firstly, I basically love all of HBO's series so I knew this would be good. But I didn't know that it would be that good. May I just pause here and draw your attention to the opening credits. Pause. Watch it a couple of times. This right there proves that TV series are 1,000 times better than any movies coming out on the big screen these days.


The vampire rules in True Blood are a bit different (for example, vampires are out of the closet, have their own political party and walk among humans freely) but the show is simply perfect. And of course it helps that Anna Paquin looks just like my mom at that age (I swear - it is like they are twins. I will try to steal some pictures from my mom next time I am in Varna so I can show you). The vampire guys are again absolutely gorgeous (Eric Northman anyone - I mean come on!) I also love all of the supporting characters. They are all so interesting and weird and I just love the fact that you can be just as entertained with the subplots on True Blood as with the main story line.


Having watched every single episode of True Blood out there I have as of Friday become officially obsessed with the Vampire Diaries. The rules are again completely different (I am starting to get confused with all of these different vampire theories floating around!) and there are once again a lot of bad vampires to go around which is always the fun part of any vampire story (once again, if there are any bad vampires out there reading this - I have no desire to ever meet you - stay away from me!) So I am once again completely immersed in a vampire world where blood floats freely, man are fast and strong and incredibly aggressive, girls are awkward and goofy but somehow completely irresistible, and of course there is a great love story I am routing for (tell me though, why does Elena look exactly like Catharine, why? How are they related? Can't wait to get this one answered!)


To be honest, I am not too happy about watching vampire movies on my own late at night! The only thing keeping me sane is of course the fact that vampires cannot enter your home without an invitation first so at least I know I am safe. Muahahaha. This is the one consistent rule across all vampire literature and TV that I have seen so of course it must be right. And with that, I leave you for the night so I can spend some quality time with my vampires.


See you tomorrow!

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