5 years ago
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Where does it go wrong?  In the upbringing?  Lack of mentoring?  A holier than thou attitude?  I don’t know about the rest of you mom’s, but I am so frustrated with another very public professional athlete, accused of doping, and taking the “lack of personal responsibility attitude”.  Our kids look up to these people! 


But I want to know where this attitude begins.  Is it all the attention these athletes get starting in their teenage years?  What can we do as moms of athletes who are looking to play college or professional sports?  How can we guide them to making better decisions not just today but in their adult future?


It has been keeping me up at night, I can tell you that.  All of you reading this today, want the same thing…..to raise our kids to be good men and women who will contribute their community in a positive way.  This is our life’s best work!  Yes? To be honest, I never realized the power I had with my son until he was interviewed for a large regional newspaper, and was quoted when questioned: “Who has you’re your biggest role model?”…  “My Mom” he answered. 


Faith, Morales and our Personal Belief Systems are passed down generationally, but like anything not nurtured, it can wither and die or be changed.  The demands of athletic recruiting will expose your kids to some things that could challenge their character.  Believe me some stories of Official Visits are hair raising.  With your efforts to organize and get information out to the recruiters, we sometimes forget that there is challenges along the athletic recruiting journey that can test our children, who under their own pressure may see their foundation start to crumble.  Talk about it Moms!  Lock them in the car at high rates of speed (on the highway at speed limit) so they cannot escape the honest conversation!!  Let them know that in the excitement of recruiting, they can get carried along in poor decision-making that is not true to who they are.  Talk about different scenarios they may face and how you both would handle it.  Give them the tools and guidance to keep strong!  More importantly, you are a role model to your child; nurture your faith, morale compass and personal belief system so that they see you handle life’s challenges with strength, grace and personal responsibility.  The reward is a gift to be cherished for life!





Mary Beth