Why at 27 I’m a YA Reader: Young Adult Fiction! My top 5 must reads

3 years ago

Since you’re still getting to know me, let me start off by telling you I love books! So much that I went to college and studied them. My dream wasn’t to write, but to study the classics that influence today’s writers. Each day of college felt like I was a part of Oprah’s Book club, but in a class-room setting. After being handed my degree, I was given the freedom of being able to have the time to read whatever I wanted! Life without a syllabus? It seemed pretty exciting…

Until I realized how out of the loop I was on books that had been written while I was in school. A few trips browsing the shelves of Barnes and Noble filled my arms with classic books I should have read but never really wanted to invest the time in reading. One again, good intention but no follow through. I would make it through the first fifty or one-hundred pages and feel myself no longer interested.

Great! So, I now had a degree in English Literature, but no longer had a passion for books. Part of my problem was that I hadn’t found my genre. Being in my 20′s, I thought it was time for my reading level to match the place I was in life. Murder mysteries, chick lit novels and the rantings of bored middle-aged women just didn’t connect with me. And honestly, made me feel kinda bummed.

Browsing Goodreads one afternoon I came across the Hunger Games. At this point there was no movie deal and having read the synopsis I was intrigued. Other reviewers asked why a subject of children dying in a gladiator setting made me cautious, but I gave it a shot!

A day later, I was hooked and so was everyone who would listen to my ramblings of what amazing find it was for me. That’s when I realized that Young Adult section existed in the world of books. This opened up for me a group of stories that gave me an escape of reality. The female heroines were filled with power and were driven by wanting to make a difference. For me, I found my escape and my connection to characters!

Intrigued? I’ve gathered my favorite YA books that are a wonderful read. And, even better… They’re all series of books.
1. Shiver

This Twlight-like story grabbed me from the beginning because of its unique appearance. The book’s text matches the green cover and added a very unique element. I also enjoyed how each chapter was told through the point of view of the main female and male character. Even better… it’s part of a trilogy!

2. Delirium

Love is deadly. She watched it take those she loved away from her, including her own mother. 95 days from being given the “cure” from love, Lena encounters Alex; a stranger who is revolting from accepting the “cure.”

3. Wither

Living in a world where females live till the age of 20, Rhine is kidnapped and sold as a mail order bride to a very wealthy Linden. She finds out her marriage was not only purchased but she is also one of three wives. Finding out that Linden is a recent widower, Rhine begins to fill the shoes of his dead wife while plotting her own escape.

4. Matched

Marriages are arranged at the age of 16 in this future society. Matches are process through a computer screen, promising to be the most optimal fit! When her own match is revealed, she’s not surprised to be paired with Xandar; a very sensible match. Cassia begins to question the system when her crush Ky’s face appears on the screen before turning back.

5. Pretty Little Liars

Murder mystery meets high school girls. The character “A” begins to blackmail her former friends of Rosewood, PA. Getting her own revenge, even from the grave.

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