Who Wudda Thunk It?

4 years ago

Y’all I know this will shock you as much as it has me, but did you know that right after the Supreme Court ripped a hole in the Voting Rights Act six states immediately put restrictive voter laws designed to target low income voters back on the table? I know! I have never been so surprised in all my life! When I found out that these were all laws that had been prevented in the past by the Voting Rights Act, you could have just knocked me over with a feather. Who on earth could have foreseen that some states would want to keep poor people, especially poor people in minorities who tend to vote to the left, from engaging in a basic civil right?

Having never, ever seen any problems with minority disenfranchisement of minorities in America, I didn’t even understand why that silly ol’ Voting Rights Act was needed in the first place. My goodness, you would think that patriarchal authorities were prone to using shenanigans to keep “those” people from voting and having a say in government. Why, all the states have had a wonderful track record for rolling out the red carpet for persons unlikely to vote for the hegemonic politicians in power!

The worst part of the whole thing has been the reaction of the leftist controlled mainstream media. It’s appalling, all the fuss those communist/socialist/atheist/heathen/degenerate liberals have been making about it. Heavens to Murgitroyd, you would think that entrenched officeholders serving the needs of the wealthy and crapping on the heads of the less fortunate are afraid of being voted out of their jobs and therefore had a vested interest in making sure only “their” voters actually cast ballots or some such! I am sure nothing could be further from the truth!

The sovereign states of Texas, Mississippi, Virginia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Arkansas, are already passing laws to restrict voting to prevent non-occurring voter fraud. I was flabbergasted to see that five of the six states to quickly capitalize on the gutting of the Voting Rights Act were states that had been in the Confederacy! It must be a coincidence, since I am sure former members of the CSA would never do anything to stop minorities from voting Rich White Guys out of power. Gracious! The noble states that flew the Stars and Bars would surely not have anything against the voting rights of minorities! After all, the Southern states loved their minorities so much they wanted to keep them as pets.

Arizona is the sixth state to be implementing voter restrictions, but since it wasn’t part of the Confederacy it has no alleged history (which were lies spread by Yankees anyway) of persecuting minorities. Ever since Arizona became a state, it has been nothing but honest and friendly to the people who owned the land previously. There is absolutely no reason the far-right patriarchal structures controlling the state would not want people of Mexican and Native heritage to not be able to vote as much as they liked.

I wish the mean American-hating liberals would just hush up their mouths about this whole thing. Don’t they know that this is a post-racial society? Can’t they understand that racism cannot now occur because of President Obama, even if he is a Kenyan Muslim Socialist who isn’t a “real” American? The way they were hollering you would think that the new voter laws were some sort of backdoor plot to keep the far-right from getting voted out of office during elections. Next thing you know, liberals will be accusing decent Christianist folk of the GOP of gerrymandering!

Between you and me, I think liberals are so hysterical because they have all those women in their ranks.

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