Ron Paul's Last Attempt to Win Delegates

5 years ago

Ron Paul.

Who is Ron Paul?

Ron Paul is not the next Republican nominee for President of the United States.

But just try telling that to his rabid base of supporters in the Ron Paul Revolution who pressed on even when the candidate himself stepped away from the campaign trail.

This weekend, Paul stands a slim but real chance of picking up the final plurarity of delegates in Nebraska that could allow his name to be put forth as a nomnee versus Mitt Romney next month at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Despite his so-called "long odds," the ongoing and dedicated love for Paul does mean something even if Romney's camp isn't willing to admit it.

It's hard not to like some or even much of what Paul represents.

He believes in small government, fiscal responsibility and the free market.

More libertarian than Republican. And as his beloved slogan suggests, he's an Ayn Rand fan (his son's named Rand though Rand herself disliked political parties).

Despite his age and generational gap, he's cracked the youth vote for conservatives particularly on the military issue.

Let's not forget, this generation of young people probably does not remembered a time when we have not been engaged in the Middle East conflicts.

But it's how he plans to enact these ideas that gets him labeled as a "crazy."

It's funny to laugh at his outlandish views on currency and foreign policy, but to be dismissive entirely of Paul's popularity would be a mistake.

He's not the most polished or sexy candidate, but there's something about him that gets folks excited.

Back when we held "beauty contest" straw polls where I'm based in San Diego, his supporters showed up in droves to the GOP Central Committee meeting packing the ballot boxes for solid wins.


June 7, 2012 - Fort Worth, TX, USA - Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul addresses the opening session of the Texas state Republican convention at the FWCC on Thursday June 7, 2012, in Fort Worth, Texas. (Credit Image: © Ron T. Ennis/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT/


That's the "LOVE" in the Ron Paul "Revolution" which states plainly enough on its Facebook page "We are not going away. This revolution cannot be stopped by any army or government."

America, you've been warned.

It might not equate a nomination nor to be viewed as much more than an annoyance by Republicans, but its enough to give the tree of solidarity upholding Romney a good shaking.

Romney would be wise to seek Paul's support and counsel. Clearly, he's got something good going that doesn't stop even when he does.

The latest polling shows Romney could use an infusion of fanatics right about now.

Nothing crazy about winning.

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