Who are YOUR heroes?

5 years ago

Who are YOUR heroes?


I’m a great grandmother. To clarify, I’m a good grandmother, what I mean to say is that my lovely granddaughter has presented me with my first great-grandson. I guess this means I’m officially a grownup.


I bring this up because I think that we women have an obligation to instill in their offspring a few basic values. One of the ones I feel most strongly about is the obligation to live within the law.


I don’t know if anybody still wants their children to grow up to be President of the United States – I’m not sure I would wish that kind of scrutiny upon anybody let along someone I cherish and adore. But, we still want our progeny to look up to certain role models and admire the way they live. Sometimes it’s the football players whose position they aspire to. Sometimes it’s actors and, more rarely, it’s the teacher or the preacher we see inspiring our children.


The last thing we would want our children to do, though, is be contemptuous of the laws of the land. This, of course, brings me to Eric Holder the Attorney General of the United States of America. He is our chief law enforcement officer. He is the Top Cop. Why, then, do you think Holder is adamantly refusing to cooperate with a duly appointed committee of Congress in the investigation over Fast and Furious, the gun-running plan gone bad which ended up killing Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry in 2010?


Either Eric Holder is stonewalling Darrell Issa’s House Oversight Committee just because he thinks he has the authority to do so, or, and this is far more likely, Holder is protecting somebody higher up the political food chain than he is situated. Could it be the President? Yep. I think it may very well be.


You see Barack Obama, being the consummate Chicago politician doesn’t think the rules apply to him. He is and has been completely un-cooperative in explaining his actions and his motives from the beginning.


When I say this I mean, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the beginning. Beginning in 1990 when his publishing company listed him as African born – a “fact” which was not corrected until 2007, just before he announced that he would be running for the Presidency. From the outset, Obama has been reluctant to part with personal documents including his birth certificate and his college transcripts. He has no comment on the fact that in some news reports he was raised in Indonesia and in others Singapore. He’s a real mystery man, this Obama character so it’s not surprising that he populates his White House with other shady, secretive types.


Eric Holder will, most likely, be found in contempt of congress today. His total unwillingness to produce lawfully subpoenaed documents for the Fast and Furious investigators and his bad-faith bargaining as he offers “some” but not “all” of the discovery in return for the committee’s closure of the case points up a credibility issue – Holder appears to be the last person we’d want our children to emulate. Well, maybe the second-to-last, right after Barack Obama.

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