In Which I Speak of Name Dropping and Jaw Dropping

10 years ago

** The content discussed (and linked) below is sexually explicit. If it's not your thing, then pass on by. Thanks.

At 2 a.m. on what technically would be yesterday (Tuesday), my phone rings and it's Libby.

"You'll never guess what just happened! Guess!"

Since the last time Libby called was about 10 days ago (at 1 in the morning) to announce (in her typical excited question format, "Do you know who Susie Bright is?" ~ like duh!) that she had met Susie at a gathering at Jack Hafferkamp's, I obnoxiously replied, "You just had sex with Susie Bright?"

Libby does not skip a beat: "No, but it's close!"

I ponder the plethora of lovely options. She is so excited that waiting more than one second is killing her, so she says, "Guess whose dick was just in my mouth?"

Again, I am left with a plethora of options ~ though not all quite so lovely because Libby is afterall a sex worker.

And again the few seconds pause is killng her.

"I'll give you a hint, it's the most famous dick in the world!"

Right away I have a pretty good idea who that is, but it's fun to mess with her. "Dead or alive?" I ask, barely able to contain my laughter.

This actually slows her down. "What?"

"This 'most famous dick' ~ are we talking dead or alive?" I say, biting the inside of my cheek a bit so I don't laugh (or snort).


Oh, I know it's cruel; but really, I'm the one sitting at home editing while she's out having a decadent time. A little fun is required here. So I continue to toy with her.

"If it's really the most famous dick, it would belong to a dead guy... But that seems a bit unlikely, even for you..."

"Who are you talking about?"

"Holmes. Johnny Wad. The most famous dick in the world," I say.

She sighs, slows herself down a bit (and I bet she's partially considering debating whether or not Holmes would be more famous than this dick) before she says, "OK, so whose got the most famous dick currently alive?"

Before she can quite get it all out I am laughing, "So you had Ron Jeremy's dick in your mouth tonight."

Her sigh of relief is quickly replaced by her loud scream: "Can you believe it?!"

Of course I can; this is our Libby.

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