Do You Vote for Someone Because of Their Debating Skills?

5 years ago

I can honestly say I have never voted for anyone that could or could not debate.  That would simply be stupid.  Yet we have all kinds of political guru’s talking about the GOP candidates debating skills and giving an indication that if the candidates can’t debate they don’t deserve our vote, at least that’s what it sounds like too me.  Again that’s just seems stupid to me.  I can’t imagine any American voting for a President based on the fact that they are a good debater and/or speaker.

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This article all came about when I was watching Fox News and Chris Wallace stated “Gov. Perry's debating skills would get better”; of course he will so will everyone else.  Mr. Wallace angered me because he was more concerned about his debating skills then facts, I understand that if candidates are not good debaters that Americans may have a hard time understand the candidate’s thoughts but then I thought about the following:

  1. So far the debates have been Gov. Perry and Gov. Romney show, maybe the talking heads should be more concerned about Americans getting to know everyone
  2. Gov. Romney is the #1 debater, ya well he’s been running for President it seems like forever; of course he a polished pro speaker and that really should scare everyone!!
  3. Maybe instead of focusing on everyone’s debating skills they should talk about the issues

There will be many more debates and all the candidates will get better, it natural. Then what will they tell us to base our voting decision on?  Oh, maybe then we can talk about and review their experience and their answers on issues.

I have an idea -- just turn off the TV and spend time reading the facts about each candidate or at least the best facts you can find!

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