What the Picky Kids Think of Still 10 More Apps for Toddlers

4 years ago

In case there's an iPad under your tree tomorrow, or in your future at all, here's what we think of 10 more apps for toddlers! (You may also want to check out our tips for new iPad owners/parents.) 

This is the third in a series of "Review Roundups" - that spell out what we think about toddler apps we have -- the good, the bad, and the ugly!  

This post originally appeared on the Picky Kid App Guide -- it has been edited slightly for BlogHer. See the original

The roundup is here! After every ten apps we review, the Picky Kids present our App Review Roundup — the ten apps we’ve most recently reviewed, ranked in order of their rating. Enjoy!


1. Farm 1-2-3, Picky Kid Rating 4.2

Farm 1-2-3 offers highly entertaining counting play and as well as sorting and finding activities in a creative pop-up book style. Best for picky kids ages 2 to 3.

2. (tie) Dr. Panda, Teach Me! Picky Kid Rating 3.9

A cute panda leads kids through a great variety of activities for toddlers, plus an interactive home screen that younger children can explore. Activities get progressively harder as children advance. Best for picky kids ages 18 months – 4 years.

2. (tie) Interactive ABC, Picky Kid Rating 3.9

Interactive ABC is an alphabet-learning app that supports multiple users and presents multiple examples of each letter sounds. It’s well-executed and easy to use for older toddlers. Best for picky kids ages 3 and 4.

4. iPlay & Sing, Picky Kid Rating 3.5

This FREE iPhone app offers seven different activities for young kids of varying developmental levels. The design is not very interesting, but the value is great. The games are appropriate for picky kids ages 2-5.

5. Magic Sorter, Picky Kid Rating 3.4

Magic Sorter is not really a sorting game, but its variety of peg-puzzle style activities and entertaining videos as rewards is a toddler-pleaser. Best for picky kids ages 2 and 3.

6. Counting Caterpillar, Picky Kid Rating 2.9

Counting Caterpillar thumbnailCounting Caterpillar is cute, but can get monotonous after a while, even though you can choose to count by 1, 2, 5 or 10. It’s also a bit hard to handle on the iPad, the phone version may be better. Best for ages 2-4.

7. Locomaster, Picky Kid Rating 2.5

Locomaster is a nicely illustrated adventure in which the main character changes into various animals and interacts with items in domestic scenes. It’s fun, but a bit limited. Best for 3 and 4 year olds.

8. Adventurous Animals, Picky Kid Rating 2.4

Adventurous Animals offers counting, spelling and vocabulary-building activities, as well as animated animal scenes. Design challenges make it difficult to use. Best for not-so-picky kids ages 3-5.

9. Robot Puzzle Factory, Picky Kid Rating 2.3

Kids can build a variety of robots out of parts in this fairly limited puzzle app. It’s a vertically formatted app, so consider getting it for the iPhone instead of the iPad. Best for not-so-picky puzzle lovers ages 3-5.

10. Teeny Tuca, The Rooster’s Race, Picky Kid Rating 2.2

This story book app plus dress-up game has nice illustrations, decent interactivity and meaningful messages, but sometimes they get lost in translation. Plus the subject matter is too mature to hold a toddler’s attention. Best for not-so-picky kids ages 4 and up.

Stay tuned for our next roundups! Roundup 4 will come out in January. And feel free to tell us what your favorite apps for toddlers are -- we're always looking for good ones!
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