What the Picky Kids Think of 10 More Apps for Toddlers

4 years ago

It's December... Is an iPad in your family's future? Just in case, we're sharing our opinions on ten more apps for kids! 

Review Roundup 2: 10 more apps rated by Picky Kid App Guide

This is the second in a series of "Review Roundups" - that spell out what we think about toddler apps we have -- the good, the bad, and the ugly!  

This post originally appeared on the Picky Kid App Guide -- it has been edited slightly for BlogHer. See the original


After every ten apps we review, the Picky Kids present our App Review Roundup — the ten apps we’ve most recently reviewed, ranked in order of their rating. Enjoy! 

1. Peek-a-Boo Barn, Picky Kid Rating: 4.4

Peek-A-Boo Barn is a kids app classic. It is a very simple starter app that allows kids to explore a barn by tapping to see what’s inside (they’ll hear it first, if they’re patient). Best for picky kids under age 3.



2. Alien Buddies, Picky Kid Rating: 4.3

Older toddlers and pre-K kids will have fun learning letters and number with Alien Buddies. The plethora of game levels will be challenging for less-experienced players to navigate. Best for picky kids ages 3-5.



3. Zoo Train, Picky Kid Rating: 3.8

Animals and trains are crowd-pleasers in this collection of four activities (puzzles, spelling, track-building and music). We like this app, but find some of the games repetitive. Best for picky kids ages 2-4.



4. Peek-A-Zoo, Picky Kid Rating: 2.9

In Peek-A-Zoo, kids identify animals by what they are doing (e.g. yawning or hiding), feeling (e.g. angry or surprised), or simply who they are. It’s cute, but limited. Best for 2 year old picky kids.



(tie) 5. Counting Bees, Picky Kid Rating: 2.8

Learn to count by guiding adorable bees to flowers to fill up a honey bear! This app’s drawbacks are its speed (too slow) and that it tops out at counting to 20 (though you can do it in 8 languages). Best for kids ages 2 and under.



(tie) 5. Itsy Bitsy Spider, Picky Kid Rating: 2.8

This game is highly interactive, but limited because there are only three screens to explore. It includes some natural history lessons and some counting practice. Be prepared to hear the Itsy Bitsy Spider song over and over and over… Best for kids ages 2-3.



7. Eric Carle’s My Very First App, Picky Kid Rating: 2.7

This memory and matching app has fabulous illustrations, but many issues with user experience including one of our least favorites: in-app purchases. Best for not-so-picky kids ages 2-3.



8. Stack N’ Puzzles, Picky Kid Rating: 2.6

For kids who like drag-n-drop puzzles, Stack N’ Puzzles offers a new range of challenges and vocabulary. Its biggest drawback is that some scenes seem scary to younger children. Best for not-so-picky kids ages 3-4.



9. Nora’s Crabby Day, Picky Kid Rating: 2.5

Design issues and clunky animation hold this app back. The story is more appropriate for school-aged children than for preschoolers, and we’d give it better marks if Nora tried harder to help herself out of her bad mood. Best for not-so-picky kids ages 4-5.



10. Talking Carl, Picky Kid Rating: 1.9

Mildly annoying, and mildly amusing… but there’s no significant learning happening in this app, in which you control plastic-looking blobs by tapping, sliding, and speaking to them. Not recommended, but appropriate for not-so-picky kids around 2 years old.



You can find our earlier roundup of 11 apps for kids on BlogHer here. Opinions on ten more are coming soon!

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