What is (are) your issue(s)?

9 years ago
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What is motivating your vote?  What's keeping you undecided?  When you think about the nitty gritty issues for the next four years, what's most important to you?

Here's my list, more or less in order of importance:

- Economic policy - including supreme court appointments as well as legislative agendas

- Education - bringing stability back to our educational policy, funding public education, making higher education more affordable

- Responsible foreign policy/security

- Health care - especially keeping social security/medicare/medicaid out of unstable private markets

- Reproductive Choice/Privacy and other supreme court issues

- Workers and veterans rights issues, such as the Employee Free Choice Act, Lily Ledbetter Equal Pay Act, and the IAVA's action plan for the next president.


Obviously (or at least I think it should be obvious, given that list) I'm supporting Obama.  But whoever is getting your vote, why?