We Need a President that fits a Country Song!

5 years ago

Sometimes I wish I could stand up AND scream “So what do you want?”

Many Americans Baffle me?

I don’t like to discuss politics.  I like to study it.  I like to read all the different sides.  I love to hear the passionate people BUT at some point even I get frustrated.  I consider myself a Conservative Moderate BUT even that is hard for me to say at times.  Why?  Well, at times I see or dare I say it, I even agree with a LIBERAL.  I know, I know, some of you are shaking your head in disgust, oh well!  BUT  I would wage a bet that a Moderate Liberal has felt the same at times.  Typically, it is your diehards, those people on the extreme end of the spectrum that won’t budge AND typically those are the people you DON’T want in office BECAUSE they won’t get anything accomplished.  Why? Because they won’t compromise and you need people who will compromise and who work well with others and diehards don’t.  NOPE.  Now, you need your diehards!  Oh, they have a purpose but they just should not be in office or not at the very top LOL.  See, diehards are good for rallying the troops!!

“So what do you want?”

See, when all the debating and arguing gets into high gear it gets UGLY.  I think, “Don’t we just want a better place to live?”  Don’t we realize in the end we have to compromise to get there?”  Oh, and my head SPINS with all the SPINNING!

Right now you have many of the conservatives or Republicans whatever you want to label people claiming all our problems are President Obama’s fault.  You have the liberals or Democrats claiming, “no, Oh no it ain’t so he inherited all of the mess from George W. Bush and he hasn’t had enough time to fix Bush’s mess.”    Then, statistics start flying between the two sides!  Oh, goodness the statistic throwing!!  One side claims unemployment is rising or the other side claims it is actually starting to go down compared to when it started  under Bush and people are not examining the data correctly.  Then, the other side will say, no look at Food Stamps and then the other side will say, well, no you can’t use food stamps because President Obama has finally included more which is the right thing to do and you shouldn’t hold that against him, worse Bush left so many people out and blah, blah.  Then when the fighting gets ugly they start to go way back in history and one side will argue that even when we were prospering under Reagan we now are paying for it and vice vesrsa with Clinton UGH!!!!  You know the saying, YOU CAN’T WIN!!  So, let me get this straight, when many Americans were doing pretty well under Reagan AND Clinton, well, things still SUCKED?  Of course, because we are NOT a PERFECT SOCIETY and we will NEVER BE a perfect society. Oh, and here is another thing, you can throw out all the statistics and say it started under Bush and blah, blah,blah and you might even be right BUT here is the problem.  AMERICANS ARE HURTING NOW and they want to see or HEAR SOLUTIONS.  Not how it happened or why it happened they just want it FIXED!!  Or tell them how they can HELP TO FIX IT!!

If you look back in history and I will even argue RIGHT NOW a lot of the problem is a President will fail when he loses his ability to LEAD and GOVERN.  And you know what is the TOP QUALITY to do this?  Not his IDEOLOGY, as much as Americans want to believe that and as much as they fall for it during elections, nope.  The Best leaders are the ones that have the ability to work out a COMPROMISE.  Now, don’t get me wrong,Clinton and Reagan both knew how to schmooze the public.  They COULD SPIN a great tale.  They could make it look like they were holding their own.  They both knew how to make a compromise END UP LOOKING LIKE IT WAS THEIR OWN IDEA but make no mistake those two Presidents knew the art of working the system and getting it done AND THEY KNEW that was how you kept America WORKING and you did that by COMPROMISING and working with BOTH SIDES.  You know the Kenny Rogers song,  ‘The Gambler’, “You gotta know when to hold ‘em and  know when to fold ‘em.”  Pretty sad but our best Presidents can be summed up in a Country song! That says it all!!

We focus so much on the personal that deep down we have no clue about their stand on our government.  The issues.  And folks, here is the deal them going to church or cheating on their spouse doesn’t affect us nearly as much as how they vote on issues and how well they work with others.  Start paying attention to THEIR WORK and not the tabloid issues!! We should talk to their staff, other politicians and lobbyists.  Do they WORK WELL WITH OTHERS??  You know, like a performance review?  Geez, that would have helped us with George W. Bush and Obama, hell even Carter.  These guys lack a leadership quality.  All those men are intelligent men.  But, there is a reason they have trouble at the top.

They lack The Gambler Spirit!

Americans I ask, “What do you want?”

Hell, “Do you really even know?”

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