"The View" Should Be Cancelled If They Cast Men As Hosts

3 years ago

Barbara Walters gave walking papers to Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy,  prompting speculation about who will be named as hosts for the next season of The View.  

It has been pretty clear that the show has needed a serious realignment for years, and the bizarre addition of bad luck charm Jenny McCarthy last season was a sure sign of impending doom. So good riddance, at least in part, even if that leaves Whoopi Goldberg alone at the table.  

Image: ABC

I would think that prospect of casting a new troupe of smart, clever women to debate current events would be a juicy adventure. 

But Salon suggests that The View shouldn't go to the effort of replacing hosts and instead should pull the plug entirely, and they aren't alone in that opinion. Daniel D'Addario writes:

The very point of The View has been to present real women’s opinions on the issues of the day, and it’s already become a show about women holding back opinions, if they in fact have any at all, and sticking to sunny, easy topics. Why not turn it into a co-ed celebration of our favorite celebrities — or just cancel it, given that the show had already migrated so far from its putative mission even before Shepherd and McCarthy departed? Perhaps the political climate has so outpaced in vitriol anything “The View” could reflect without making viewers want to change the channel.

Wait, co-ed? No, adding men as hosts would completely undermine the point of the show. Television executives can be that sorely lacking in imagination, can they? Surely ABC could find their way back to their mission if they wanted to find friends and frenemies to join Whoopi Goldberg at the table, and maintain the vision of only featuring women as the pundit stars.  Why abandon a premise when the problem has been the casting choices? You don't give give up Oprah Chai Lattes because once you got stuck behind a chattering Jenny McCarthy in a fake hotel lobby Starbucks.  

Why not find women to lead conversations worth leaning in to? If the producers are lacking in casting ideas, I would imagine Mitt Romney's Binders Full of Women could be checked out of his personal library. Women didn't get the Letterman gig, or the Colbert gig...or most other recent gigs. Women are available, ABC, I know you can do this.

But if The Tonight Show's Ross the Intern is truly the best they can muster, as rude as that casting choice would be to women everywhere, not to mention just plain sad for Whoopi, I second the motion to cancel the show altogether. That's a dark view I have no interest in seeing.

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