(VIDEO) Serene Branson at the Grammys: A Stroke Survivor's Opinion

6 years ago

Editor's Note: Anissa Mayhew suffered a massive stroke in November 2009. Read Rita Arens' interview with Anissa about the stroke and her subsequent coma and long fight back to recovery. Anissa's post reflects the brevity with which she now types, one-handed.

It was a night of musical performances ... and not just the one in my shower!

There were outfits of mock and awe.

Awards were given for "Best Album" and ten million teenagers Googled "What is an album?"

And then in the days afterwards, there was a moment that had nothing to do with the glittering glam we'd seen.

I watched the video of Serene Branson, the LA news reporter, over and over after the Grammies.

The unexplained confusion.

The garbled words that came out to her obvious frustration.


The word swirled around in the media circus that followed her.

She wasn't allowed to have her physical breakdown in private.

She had it on TV, then it was on YouTube.

She went to the hospital and was released with everything looking normal, according to station sources. She went home with a friend. She released a statement about wanting to go back to work.

There was a new group of words associated with what happened to Serene:

TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) -- a mini-stroke that left no lasting effects but could be a sign of strokes to come.

Yeah, I do, as a stroke survivor, think that Serene probably had a TIA and should worry about it more than taking her fifteen minutes of fame. Knowing more about stokes than a person without "MD" after their name should.

But without ever talking to Serene and her doctors I'll never know for sure.

I have my opinions and my guesses. It'll be all I ever have.

Anissa Mayhew blogs at Free Anissa.

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