[Video] Six Year Old Finds It Tough Bein' a Jets Fan

6 years ago

This cellphone video made the rounds this week. Although it's disturbing on multiple levels, it really touched me so I'm sharing.

First of all, for a 6 year-old, this kid really knows his shit. So props to him for his incredible knowledge of the NFL and the passion he has for his underdog team.

The mom who shot and posted the video on YouTube - not so cool. Here's her description of the footage:

My 6 year old son, after being told this morning that the Jets lost to the Broncos 17-13. He was devastated (and not too happy when he realized I was filming him). Poor kid.

Reading the pages and pages of comments, the heartbroken boy has really captured the sentiments of Jet Nation. Thursday night's loss caused a lot of tears.

It's been a rough road for Jets fans. And this young boy knows as well as anyone that the wild card scenario is unlikely. But even if the Jets do come back and get into the playoffs and even if they finally get to the Super Bowl, there's a good chance they'll still disappoint their fans. They'll still rip their hearts out, toss them on the ground, and stomp on them  over and over and over again.

Poor kid is right. Let's just hope all his friends don't see the very public video his mom posted and tease him relentlessly. About being a Jets fan or about his emotional display. C'mon Sanchez & Co. Do it for this little guy.





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