Vampire Academy: Frostbite What to expect (part 2)

3 years ago

Vampire Academy: Frostbite

What to expect Pt. 2 (marketing)



Two Vampire Academy articles in one day, see this is what happens when my mind starts spinning and I think about how to make Vampire Academy: Frostbite a bigger and better success. I know I have already touched on what to expect from the sequel, Frostbite, but this article will be more about the behind the scenes type of things (marketing, promotion etc..)


To start out, let me say that the first film in the franchise was not marketed well at all. I don’t even remember seeing many commercials let alone articles about the upcoming film. It seems like they focused solely on the fans of the books and only relied on them to go and get the word out which was the wrong move all around. Look at films such as Twilight (I know, I know I hate mentioning them too) but they did something right, they not only marketed to the fans of the series but they shoved the film down your throat. The marketing team at Summit is amazing and they know how to market their films the right way (they may have some misses but they at least know how to get the word of mouth out.

Case in point, If I Stay, an upcoming Summit Ent. film that released the first trailer back in April and the film isn’t even going to be out till the the end of August. I remember seeing the trailer for the first time and being sucked into the story and immediately buying the book including the sequel to the book. They chose the right score/song, scenes and captured your attention throughout the entire trailer. I went out of my way to find out more about the story and more about when the film will be out and yes I will also be going and seeing this film when it hits theaters. This is a fellow young adult film, while not supernatural in nature, still found a broader audience thanks to the trailers and the current tour that their star(s) and author of the book are currently on.


I would like to see Frostbite take advantage of the fact that they are getting a second chance and work off of that. By having the fans help fund the film they are already opening the gates for great promotion but if they want a wide release and more people to join the bandwagon, they need to put themselves out there and make themselves known not as a “clone of Twilight” or “like Harry Potter” they need to find their own voice and their own tag line. Lets promote the heck out of the fact that this film is about a strong female lead and that you can actually understand the decisions she makes and get behind those decisions. 


Another thing that would be beneficial to the film is getting special deals with magazines. Vampire Academy has beautiful cast, lets put them on the cover of magazines and get them talking about the film. A beautiful photo shoot of the men/women of the film will get people that maybe didn’t know about the film to be interested in seeing what these guys are made of. What can I say, build a fanbase off of the sex appeal of your cast, other films have done it and it seems to have worked out well for them. Lets get to know these actors and learn what they love about the series/their characters. 


Next up, the premiere of the film, lets try to get it out there around the same time and please don’t do another February release. They really missed the mark with the first film and totally screwed themselves when it didn’t do as well in the states and the theatrical releases were cancelled in different countries. I fully believe that had they gotten even more promotion overseas, they would have made millions of dollars. There is a huge market of fans overseas that would have loved to have seen this film in theaters and gotten some type of premiere with the stars but instead it was just forgotten about and pushed aside. I get that the studio is essentially to blame for this one, as it was clear they lost faith in the film well before its release date but lets try to give the overseas viewers something.


The fans are also going to have to be a part of the promotion. I know that the VA Family is absolutely amazing, brilliant and filled with lots of supporters but you need to get your voices heard. Start those twitter campaigns and Facebook pages, get this film promoted the way it deserves to be promoted! It is because of you guys that this film will be made (optimism people) and you deserve to have your film seen by the masses, get your friends involved, go and see this sequel and make it success. Show the studio that you cannot keep the Vampire Academy fans down and that you guys will do anything and everything to see this franchise survive. 


So basically what I am saying is, promote, promote, promote! It was something that could have saved the first film and I feel that we are getting a fresh start with the second film. I am looking forward to seeing what the producers have in store in trying to fund the second film and when that information becomes available I will be posting in here on my blog. I am trying to do my part in promoting this film by posting on Blogher and will continue to keep the VA Family posted and try to get news fans as well. What can I say, I enjoy being the unofficial Vampire Academy blogger and getting people excited for this wonderful franchise that deserves to live. 


Edited to add: Can not believe that I actually forgot to add this, blame it on lack of sleep, but probably one of the biggest things that they can do marketing/promotion wise is a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. It is the biggest one and would be the push that the franchise needs! Not only would they get new fans but the fans that they currently have would be able to go to a panel and get to ask questions. It would be the perfect opportunity to garner more fans and really put the cast out there and show that they love/appreciate the fans and are ready to keep this franchise alive. So lets do it, Comic-Con 2015 for Frostbite!


Samantha McAllister

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