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Vampire Academy: Frostbite

What to expect Pt. 1


I again want to thank the amazing Vampire Academy fans for coming out and support, liking, re-tweeting, sharing etc.. my article on many different platforms. I am happy to say that my first article about fan funding garnered well over 16,000 reads. Based off the response from the fans, it looks like Frostbite will definitely be made! You guys are truly amazing and the support is definitely felt/seen. I will continue to write articles on the fan funding of Frostbite even after the film gets made and we start into the next film, Shadow Kissed, and I know you fans want Shadow Kissed (Dimitri and Rose anyone?) So again thank you VA Family, one of the best fandoms out there! 


So I decided to do a second part of a my series on the fan funding of Frostbite. I have no clue how long this series is going to be, as I know I want to continue to follow the campaign until the film is made and released. This second part is more so going to focus on the plot of Frostbite and trying to get more people, those that maybe aren’t sure about the second book/film, interested in the film. First though I want to touch on a couple things that the producers, you know those amazing people that are trying to fund the sequel for the amazing group of fans out there, have done just in the past week. 


This weekend the producers introduced the fans to a new instagram feed @StVladAcad (sign up for a free Instagram account to follow them, that will provide behind the scenes photos (they are currently posting photos from the first film). Now this is a first look at what fans can expect from contributing to Frostbite. The producers will provide behind the scenes photos which give you the feel of being right there for the making of the sequel. What’s nice, is the photos are definitely exclusive to the fans. More then likely, the producers will either create a password protected site for those that contribute to the campaign so they can get that exclusive access. That means when you comment on those photos, the producers (and cast members) will get to see your feedback and see the excitement you have for the film. To answer your second question, yes, thanks to fan funding, you will have even better access to the cast members as well. Thanks to you, yes you, you get better access to the cast and maybe the producers will throw in special video type Q&A’s for the fans so they can truly feel part of the production of the film (hint hint @OfficialVAMovie) I know I have already stressed how important funding the sequel is but I figured I’d throw this out there as well.


Last but certainly not least, when information is released on how to contribute to the sequel, I will be posting that as soon as I can. I recommend following @OfficialVAMovie on twitter (if you don’t have twitter, sign up for a free twitter account at and you can take part in the trending events for #Frostbite2015). You can also follow them on Facebook as well under Official Vampire Academy Movie (this is the producers page). No official number has been released for how much they will need but just stay tuned to twitter, instagram, and/or Facebook page(s) for up to date information. I have complete faith that the fans will be able to get this film made and I am looking forward to writing about the whole experience every step of the way. 


Let me start by saying, Frostbite has a lot more action in it then the first  book. I always try to explain that the first book/movie, Vampire Academy, is more of an introduction into the world of their mythology. Yes there is some action in it but it is more so setting up the stories for the upcoming books/films. You are being introduced to each of the characters and getting a feel for who they are and what they are capable of.  Now lets get into the plot of Frostbite (without giving away any spoilers of course for those that are new to the fandom, are still reading the books or are interested in the books). 


In Frostbite we are introduced to some new characters (which I am going to focus on two) and none have made such an impact as the character of Adrian Ivashkov, who is a fellow spirit user and fellow royal. The character has become a huge hit with fans and has been a permanent fixture in the Vampire Academy world, even being brought over to the spinoff Bloodlines (the new book Silver Shadows came out Tuesday July 29th) The character is introduced as more of a sleazy ladies man and you aren’t really sure how to take him but before you know it, you’ve fallen in love with this character who is not only handsome (as described in the book) but also charismatic as well. I am dying to see who will play him in the film as this is a huge fan favorite character. Now granted no matter who is chosen, there is always going to be people that are unhappy, it happens, but once you see whomever is chosen to play this fan favorite character please give them a chance. Not every actor is available or even right for the role, yes they may have the look down but can they truly capture the entire character and what that character brings to the table. What producers are looking for is someone that not only is extremely attractive but also someone that can easily slip into Adrian’s personality. I definitely wish the producers luck in finding the perfect Adrian for Frostbite…and beyond. So yes one of the reasons to see this sequel (and the upcoming films) is for this character alone! The lines that they are going to write for him are going to be memorable and add a little bit of comedy to this particular film that is a little on the darker side.


Another character that is introduced in the film, that plays a rather large impact in the series, is Natasha Ozera aka Tasha, who is Christian’s aunt. Tasha is portrayed as a strong woman who is seen as an outcast to other royals (seeing as Christian’s parents turned Strigoi) but it doesn’t faze her at all. She is also a close friend of Dimitri’s (and yes you will get irritated by her constant, Dimka, but without giving spoilers away, it’s ok not to be completely fond of her). Tasha protected Christian when his parents came for him and in that time she raised him and basically became a mother to him, forming an extremely close bond. She’s definitely a character to keep a close eye on as she is not only introduced as a friendly and outgoing character but she is also very cunning. 


Now concerning the plot of Frostbite, it can basically be summed up as a action packed ride that will leave you heartbroken and happy in a bittersweet way, but ready for more. In this particular book/film we will see the true nature of the Strigoi and what they are capable of. These aren't just monsters that go out and feed, these are manipulative monsters that will torture and get what they want. It’s definitely an interesting look at the evil side of the Vampire Academy world and it sets up for the next films as well (I can only tell you that the story gets better and better with each book). This book will translate extremely well on the big screen and will definitely put Vampire Academy in its own category. 




Samantha McAllister

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