Vampire Academy: Frostbite. How the fans will help revive the franchise



Before I get into this particular blog, I want to extend a thank you to all of the Vampire Academy fans for re-tweeting, sharing, reading etc.. my last bog. I am happy to say that it has been read by over 400 people,  shared on Facebook 148 times and retweeted 14 times (not including the re-tweets that happened strictly on twitter and not through blogher). You guys are simply amazing and I will continue to advertise and write about Vampire Academy until we get final word on Frostbite (and even when we do find out that it will be produced, optimisim people, I will continue writing about the road to Frostbite).  I have been blown away by your support! Thank you so much!


On July 14th the Official Vampire Academy facebook/twitter page (ran by the producers of the first film) posted that they have collected a majority of the funds for the sequel, Frostbite, but that they needed help from the fans. In a world where Veronica Mars was revived thanks to the success of a Kickstarter campaign and where Reading Rainbow is brought back to life by the fans, it is not a surprise that the producers of the film decided to reach out to the fans, who clearly want the sequel to be made but with their input being put to good use, to help fund a sequel. It's a last ditch effort for the producers and fans have seemed to respond positively to the message.


Currently the Facebook message has been liked over 9,000 times which is a nod in the right direction for the producers and one can only hope that a good majority of fans will be able to contribute to the production of the film. Word has yet to be released how much money they are looking to get but it is clear that this is the final move they can make before the film is officially dead. I know some fans are extremely angry about this particular move and feel as though the producers are stringing them along but honestly, I have never seen people work so hard to keep a franchise alive. It is admirable that they are wanting to keep this franchise alive for the fans because they see potential in it. It's downright refreshing, really, to see the dedication that they are throwing behind the film. 

The positive thing about fan funding a film, whether they need a few hundred thousand or even into the millions, is that the fans officially have a voice and a somewhat say in the films. I am one who backed Veronica Mars, I have no regrets about giving $50 to the revival of  a great show, and through that funding I was part of the production and knew everything that was going on. Constant updates and also giving feedback to the producers was great and I was able to see my show come back to life on the big screen. For those that have never contributed to a campaign, I stand behind them and think they are great way for you to be involved! You can go into the film, watch it, enjoy it and know that you, yes yes!, helped bring it back to life. So I encourage those that can contribute to contribute when the times comes, even $10 is something. Now for those that are still unsure and don't want to lose your money if the film doesn't get made, if the campaign fails and they don't reach the amount of money that needs to be raised, you aren't losing any money (the money doesn't even come out of your account until the campaign is over and usually that takes about a month). 

The Vampire Academy has already done an amazing job of showing their support for the film and have proven that they want the Frostbite sequel and the producers see this but they just need a little bit of help. Making a film costs money, making a film of a franchise that didn't do well the first time it was released, needs a little more money and support from the fans. This is not the time to yell at the producers and get angry because you feel that they are stringing you along, this is not their intentions at all! They see that you want this film but they can't fund it or find enough funding by themselves, so they are taking the chance (their last chance, I can't stress enough that if the campaign fails, this is it, no sequel at all and the film/franchise will officially be dead) and asking you, the amazing fans out there, to help them raise the money to bring this film to life. Yes your voices are being heard and your input is being listened to. This sequel will be the sequel that the fans deserve and want, it will have all the special moments that happened in the book, it will have action, love, sadness etc...So please, if you have even a little bit of money please help fund this film and be a part of history and revive the franchise! 

So good luck to all of the Vampire Academy fans, prove yourself and show that the Vampire Academy Family is amazing and that they can do anything!

Vampire Academy

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