Vampire Academy Frostbite Campaign Reaches $100,000 in 24 hours

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The campaign to bring Vampire Academy Frostbite to life started 24 hours ago and in those 24 hours, the fans of the series came together and raised $100,000 (at the current time it is about to hit the $101,000 mark). I know that many people will compare it to other campaigns, such as the Veronica Mars one, but is that really fair? The differences between the two is night and day. With the Veronica Mars campaign, they got tons of press at the beginning and during the funding of the campaign, whereas the Frostbite campaign has seen little articles here and there as well as lots of re-tweets on Twitter but none of the major Entertainment News agencies have picked up the story (E! News and EW have yet to write even a blurb on the campaign). So to see the film already make over $100,000 without major press, is pretty amazing!

Another plus side to the campaign, that was a surprise to many fans, was the video that went along with the campaign which featured some of the actors from the first film (Lucy Fry, Danila Kozlovsky, Dominic Sherwood and Sami Gayle as well as the producers of the film). It was a nice surprise to see the cast throw in their support of the film. 


What is also nice about this campaign is that the producers are clearly listening to the fans by adding in different perks and updating other perks. It's clear that the producers love the fans and want to make the best film for them. I can only imagine the stress they will under while they wait for the number to reach $1.5 million (I know I had to stop myself from constantly checking the numbers every hour). To the fans that are unable to currently help out, like I have said in a previous post, this isn't a sprint but a marathon. You have 1 month to contribute to the campaign, 1 month to get together even $10 to contribute to the campaign. If you can't get the money maybe you can have someone "sponser" you (meaning get someone that maybe can throw in money for you). I posted a little piece yesterday about contributing to the campaign and want to post it here as well:

How I look at contributing to the #FrostbiteCampaign $10 is a movie ticket, $20 is ticket w/snacks, $30 is ticket/snacks/gas to get there. Then going into the other perks, $50 is ticket/snacks/gas to get there and the shirt I will wear to the movie Now you see what I am doing here, basically breaking it down by what you would usually spend your money on. Instead of instantly watching the film, you are reserving your spot. 
Another way to look at it, do you really need Starbucks this week? (2 venti coffee drinks is like $10) Or do you really need to go buy that new shirt you saw? (trust me, they'll put it on sale for cheaper next week!) Even contributing $10 will make a difference during this campaign. I understand that not everyone has money right now but if within the month you find yourself with extra money, think about helping out the #VAFamily and contribute. The end result will be Frostbite and it will be made with love from the producers. Give them a chance, they are counting on the fandom, so prove to them that you guys are amazing! SupportFrostbiteOnIndieGoGo

So to the #VAFamily, keep up the great work and remember that you can continue to contribute more as the campaign continues (they just added in the perk for the hoodie, at $75 it includes shipping to even international fans! also includes the previous perks as well). I also want to ask the #VAFamily to make your voices heard, tweet to E!News and EW and get them to put a piece together talking about the campaign! If enough people contact them maybe, just maybe, that will give the campaign the extra boost it needs. It is amazing what you guys have already done with the campaign, now lets bring it to the next level by getting the press involved. It definitely played a part in other campaigns, so lets do it!…

Samantha McAllister

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