Valentine's Day Thoughts: 5 Couples Who Probably Shouldn't Have Gotten Together, But We Are So Glad They Did

3 years ago

This Valentine's Day I decided to focus on the power of love; that overwhelming kind that makes us lose our heads and give up whatever we need to, ignore whatever warnings are made clear to us and do whatever we have to in order to be together.   Sometimes, love conquers all and sometimes it breaks our hearts.    

Here are 5 couples that probably shouldn't have happened, but let's be honest, we are so glad they did:

1.  Luke and Laura,  General Hospital:   The birth of the "supercouple."  After he raped her outside the club they fall madly in love.  Destroying her marriage and breaking that sweet Scotty's heart, they set out on outrageous adventures somehow always managing to stay alive and unmarried.  We found ourselves whiling away our adolescence watching and finally, when I was in college, "the wedding"  took place.  I don't think anyone went to class that day.

2.  Joey and Pacey,  Dawson's Creek:  He stole his best friend's girl breaking all the guy rules.  This love triangle polarized fans and created team Dawson and team Pacey.  I was on the winning team when finally, after years of agony, Joey chose Pacey.  I like the bad boys.   

3.  Meggie and Father de Bricassart, The Thorn Birds:  He was her scandalous.  Their passion made me tear through the book and then sit mesmerized for hours watching the mini series.  I'll never look at priests the same way again.  What sweet agony and the perfect definition of hurts so good.

4.  Tristan and Susannah, Legends of The Fall:  It hurts even now as I write this.  Susannah falls in love with her boyfriend's brother and it all goes to hell from there.  Tortured love, the desire to do the right thing and endless misunderstandings makes this movie almost too much to bear.  And yet, we hang in; after all, it is hours of Brad Pitt on horseback.  But every time I watch it, I hope that somehow, this time, it will end differently. 

5.  Katie and Hubbell, The Way We Were:  Oh why oh why couldn't they work it out?  These two are clearly wrong for each other in every way and yet they can't seem to stay apart.  Sadly, those differences become too much and they go on to live their separate lives, leaving only their bittersweet "Memories."  Devastating.

What couples do you know that probably shouldn't be together?

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