Understanding the choices of Nadya Suleman

9 years ago
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My first reaction to hearing about Nadya Suleman
and her eight babies: America is great! This is a country where if you
have the cash, then there is a doctor waiting to make it happen. (No,
I’m not particularly proud I tend to lean toward sarcasm; I’m working
on improving in that area.)

So why did Nadya Suleman, reportedly an unemployed, disabled, mother of six, living with her parents, decide to add to her baby collection family?

I’m thinking-

Greed. As in: Why stop at six when I can have more?

Loneliness. As in: I want someone to love me. My babies will always love me, if I have lots of babies, I’ll have more love in my life.

And this last one I haven’t seen anyone suggest yet-

Because she loves kids.

Nah, that can’t be it. Nobody in their right mind would want to have
more than six children or risk having another set of large multiples.

Don’t read me wrong, friends. I’m not saying she should’ve aborted
any of those babies. I just wish she hadn’t succumbed to the
I-want-it-now American way of thinking. There are so many ways for a
single woman to enjoy the blessings of children without having to
undergo medical treatments or attempt to raise such a large brood
without a daddy, money or job.

Volunteering. Helping at church. Girl Scouts. Big Sister program. You get the idea.

As for the doctor who made all these babies possible, shame on him if all he cared about was the money he would make from this.

Nadya, motherhood is a fantastic adventure, but it’s not going to ultimately satisfy.
My kitchen is always open to you. I’d put the coffee pot on and we
could swap stories of spit up and exploding diapers. Nadya, I’d love to
introduce you to the One who can satisfy the longing in your heart, the
One who can fulfill your quest for love. Jesus Christ is the One you