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9 years ago

"I believe that the photograph can be a means of awakening personal sensibilities and awarenesses of the things that are most meaningful and important. Ideally the photographic image then becomes a means of sharing individual perception with others."

--Suzanne Camp Crosby

For those of you with a ton of random photos and a compulsion to share them immediately, please meet Twitxr. Still in beta, the site aims to be a great new way to post your photos in the same minute-by-minute Twitter approach. (Don’t ask me how to pronounce it, all I know is that it begins with “twit” and it sounds dangerously close to “twitch.”)

Here’s how it works: Sign up. Select one random photo. Add a caption aaaaaand … post. Your photo goes out into the ether of the community that is evidently, still being built. Twitxr has a great tool called “global/local” where you can locate other Twitxr folks and choose to follow them. For example, I found some fella down on the Mississippi Gulf Coast – a place I like to keep my eye on.

So far, it feels like me and only a handful of others. It is tantamount to old fashioned photo-blogging but with more of a sense of randomness. I’ve already seen fresh phrasing pop up to accommodate this new tool: "micro photoblogging," "photo rivers," and "picture streams." Anyway, it’s part of what folks are calling Media Snacking, meaning you can share and consume ‘byte-size’ portions of information, such as Twitter or Twitxr, without all the time investment. Nom, nom, nom .... YUM.

Art of Photography Show 2008: Deadline for entries is Monday, March 3!
The Art of Photography Show, an international exhibition now in its fourth year, features all forms of photography: film, digital, unaltered shots, alternative process, mixed media, digital manipulations, montages, photograms – the whole gamut. The show will be exhibited at the Lyceum Theatre Gallery in San Diego's historic Gaslamp Quarter where approximately 20,000 people are expected to attend. You’ve got a few more days left – register your brilliant works here.

“Our great love of this art form (and being photographic artists ourselves) prompts us to 'pull out all of the stops' in order to showcase a truly excellent presentation of photographic art, to elevate and promote this art form, and to provide substantial benefits to the exhibiting artists.”

--Steven Churchill, Curator for “The Art of Photography Show”

Meanwhile, check out Eva Kolenko, a pro photographer who creates a parallel universe (without the hassle of Second Life) where candy is make-up, pink irises match a sweater and folks dress dress up like haunted Elizabethans. Her site is highly entertaining and not just for the visuals.

Of course, Eva's portfolio is stunning and I’m especially taken with the color comparison shot involving a goldfish and a simple water line. Brilliant. But for further amusement, enjoy her version of “About” which offers more trivial personal information than you ever needed to know about anyone. Evidently, she met Henry Rollins a cake shop and prefers skipping over running. Thankfully, she also first picked up a camera at age 10, which is pretty clear.

I recently came across an insightful blog post (“Four shots that have shaped me as a photographer”) from a shutterbug living in the Pacific Northwest. He’s a Microsoft employee by day but his growing photo habit is providing a healthy income supplement. At the end of January, he went back through his photos and selected four pivotal shots that helped create the photographer he is today. We all know those exact shots that brought new enlightenment or took us to another level. What a fantastic exercise - I think I'll have to give it a, y'know, >shot.

Here's his final photo in this series:

"What has since changed me with this shot is that people have really liked this. Granted, this shot has some ways to go before someone would hang a print of it on their wall, but it signifies that I am continuing to improve. If I keep working and striving to improve, eventually I will reach a point where I can make fine art prints of my photos. I hope within this year this photo has been supplanted by another even better photo, signifying that as I try harder my skills are improving.

--Proprietor of, "Photographing the Earth, one millimeter at a time ... "

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