Twitten - Fits Most Couples

7 years ago
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What an adorably romantic story! The Twitten® has been 40 years in the making. Connie Kaiserman knit her first Twitten for Steve Robinson so they could hold hands during college football games. It seems to have worked as the couple is still together.

What’s a Twitten? It’s, as you guessed, a “couple’s” mitten that allows for hand holding. How adorable is that? The Twitten is available as the Twitten alone or as a three- piece set which includes the Twitten and the matching mitten for each.

Besides the supercute story and the great colorways, it’s even more endearing when we find out that the Twitten, mittens and hats are all Fair Trade and handmade in Peru in by artisans whose work supports and sustains traditional communities.

A great gift idea for newlyweds & newly-engaged, attached-at-the-hip type couples and the like.