(Trigger Alert) Updated: Texas Judge Beats Daughter, And I'm So Glad She Taped It

5 years ago

I have never written a post before while sobbing. And I'm not being melodramatic -- this video has taken something primal in my brain and it is responding to this girl's cries. I feel insane with anger right now. Please know if you read this post, you will be disturbed. I'm writing it because abuse needs to be exposed, and this man needs to be punished.

Apparently it was videotaped by the daughter and uploaded a few days ago but just picked up on Wednesday.

I can't believe the mom can just sit there and act like nothing is wrong and this is a normal punishment as the leather belt cracks into this girl over and over and she screams. Then the father tells her she doesn't deserve to be in the house.

Because she downloaded videos.

And he's a judge. He's the one who sits in judgment of other people.

No child deserves this type of punishment. I can't even BELIEVE I just saw this. Then he goes on and on and on about how he will beat her again and says she caused it.

Update from Gawker: Adams responded.

Judge William Adams—who became Internet Enemy No. 1 last night following the publication of a video showing him beating his disabled daughter—has spoken. He wants everyone to know that he apologized. And that the beating was "not as bad as it looks on tape."

I hope he rots in hell. And in jail. But I'm glad she taped it -- because who is going to believe a sixteen-year-old who says her judge father violently beat her with -- as he says -- "the big belt"? I hope this tape brings her the justice she deserves.

There's another little girl in the beginning of the video. It's not clear if she still lives with Judge Adams.

The Texas Department of Family Services is on Facebook and Twitter.

This was their response to inquiries into the case, via Facebook:

Child Protective Services (CPS) is aware of the Judge Adams video, is investigating, and will take appropriate steps in this matter. There is no statute of limitations on CPS cases as there is in criminal cases. In practice, if CPS becomes aware of physical abuse in a home in the past and the victim is now an adult, CPS would investigate only if there are other children in the home and we suspect those children could be at risk of similar abuse. Our job is child protection. Please understand that CPS cases are confidential by state law, and we will have no further comment on this case.

UPDATE: Since this post went up, I've learned that Hillary Adams, the girl in the video, is no longer sixteen. Thank God. According to the Washington Post, she's now 23 and en route to New York City to appear on national television in the morning. If you follow her stream, you'll see producers from every major news outlet trying to tweet her. And she said this:

That's her on Twitter.

I was angry -- beyond angry -- a few hours ago. And now, I am impressed by Hillary Adams.

The public outpouring of outrage at Judge Adams and support for Hillary Adams seems to be working. As of 11/3/2011, more than 20,000 have "liked" the Facebook page Don't Re-elect Judge Adams. From CNN:

Earlier Wednesday, officials had decided that Judge Adams would be temporarily relieved of children's protective cases only, said Aransas County Attorney Richard Bianchi.

But officials decided to impose a two-week relief of his entire caseload, Mills' office said.

Here's Hillary and her mother, Hallie, on The Today Show Thursday morning.

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UPDATE 11/8/2011

CNN reported late last week that Judge Adams has not been prosecuted legally:

The law is complex on which charges could be brought, he said, and which statutes may apply -- all speculation until the video is confirmed to be authentic.

A criminal defense lawyer said it was not likely that Adams could be prosecuted. In an offense involving injury to a child, Texas law defines a child as being 14 years or less, said Houston lawyer Chris Tritico. Hillary Adams was 16 in the video.

In Rockport, Texas, community members protested yesterday.

It's not okay. This guy needs to be punished. Here's the website of the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct. Use your voice.

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