Tim Gunn's Under The Gunn

3 years ago

Last Night, was the premiere of Tim Gunn's new show, 'Under The Gunn'. 

Tim is the host, of course and he has three of Project Runway's Alumni as mentors on the show. 

The basis of the show, is giving these designers a full view into the world of mentoring. Letting them in, teaching them and showing them how to mentor others. The PR Alumni are: Nick Verreos, Anya Ayoong Chee and Mondo. 

The concept of the show is as follows. Fifteen designers enter into the competition. (Because the show was on for only an hour and a half, they didn't have enough time to work through all of the designers. So, they split them up. They complete the process next week.) Their first challenge was to create a look that describe and showcases who they are as designers. They were given a Mood bag filled with six different fabrics. And boy, were they different! Once the challenge began, the mentors went into a room and evaluated the portfolios of the designers and their work. This was a way for them to see the designers personal points of view and how far they've come. It was also a great way for the designers to see whose work most merge with their own personal styles.

After evaluating the portfolios, The Mentors sat down with Tim and share their gratitude and got some words of advice from Tim. Then, they were on their own. They all went into the workroom and talked with everyone, collectively. Their goals was not to give advice, but they wanted to see how the designers work and how well they can handle the pressure. So, after that was over, they re-grouped and then, the workday was almost over.

On runway day, it was time for the designers to show what they had. The Mentors were there waiting and Tim join them on their platform. This was make-it or break-it time for the designers.  And each one of them definitely brought their own voices to the show. At the end, it was time for the Mentors to make their picks. Now, this part of the show, kind of resembled The Voice in this way. If the One or mor Mentors picked the same designer, then that designer would have the opportunity to pick whom he or she wanted to work with. And one of the designers was on the verge of going home and she started explaining how Tim Gunn visited her University, when she was in fashion school, and how he helped to revive her passion. She said trhat she lost it and left the fashion business for a while. Then, she began to sketch and really redevelop her love again for fashion. She cried and she amde the Tim and the mentors cry. Not only did the designers change their minds, but she ended up having to pick between designers, whom she'd want to work with. 

I find it to be a fascinating show and really informative. Sometimes, you never really know how difficult something is, until you try it. I am sure that many people might not think that Mentors face challenges and that is easy to do what they do. While it's true, that it's easy to influence someone, It takes real heart, tenacity and humility to inspire someone. And that's what I think Tim Gunn does. Besides, I love to hear him say really difficult, big words, so that I can go and look them up. No, Really. I have done that before. It was a great show and before hand, we saw a reunion show for the third season of Project Runway All-Stars. It was great as well and everyone is succeeding. And that's terrific news! I am always so happy to know that these incredibly talented designers are getting calls and they are getting hired. 

(Speaking of which, a little insider. If you watch Flowers in the Attic on Lifetime, the dress that Heather Graham is wearing, a Gold Dress with embellishments, was designed by Jeffrey. The winner of the third season of Project Runway. Korto is expecting her first son, in a few months and Elena is engaged!) All in all, a very active time for the designers and I am so incredibly proud of them. 

A great night of fashion and I can't wait to see what else Tim and the Mentors have in store for us next!

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