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It's another Throwback Thursday, and today we're taking a look at my 2012 release, Real Secrets. Tamara "Choc-o-Lot" Roman defines the word Trouble; it follows her wherever she goes, and her life is incomplete without it. Mother by day, and stripper at Club Secrets by night she's got her hands full, yet she goes off in search of more trouble. You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but can you take the ghetto out of the girl? Or would you even want to?

Tamara plopped down on the floral print sofa and kicked off her heels. “So what’s up girl? What’s got you slumming today?” Trina asked, sitting on the love seat across from her friend.

“I got problems.”

 “What’s new?” 

“I’m serious Trina, and I can’t talk on my home phone and I don’t trust my cell phone.”

“Damn Tamara, you in prison or something? The C-I- freaking-A after you? What the hell you do?” Trina asked.

Tamara burst out laughing, the first time that she had felt good in a long time. Trina always made her smile.

"N’all girl, but you in prison with all these locked doors y’all got up in here.”

“Girl that’s to keep the riffraff out,” Trina retorted.

“Well how the hell did you get in?” Tamara replied, ducking as Trina threw a sofa pillow at her head.

“Why you gotta come up in here talking about my home? I don’t disrespect yours,” Trina replied, trying to sound as though her feelings were hurt.

“Because, I don’t get you, you’re making as much money as I am in that club, you ain’t got no kids, and you won’t leave this hellhole.”

“Look Tam, some of us are fine where we are and some of us like to pretend that we never lived in the ghetto by surrounding ourselves with lavish furnishings,” she explained and rolled her eyes at Tamara.

“I don’t try to pretend anything, I just don’t see the point in staying in the ghetto if I don’t need to, knowing that I can afford better. I know what’s up with you; Kevin won’t let you go anywhere without asking him first. And he’s got no interest in leaving the hood because he wants to be where he can keep an eye on his ‘lucrative business’,” she said twirling two fingers on each hand in the air to imitate quotes. “Trina I didn’t come to cut you up. I’m sorry; you know you’re my girl.”

“I know, but what did you come to discuss because it wasn’t Kevin I know,” Trina replied, becoming a little heated.

“Yea, like I said I’m sorry. Remember that guy named Savion I briefly mentioned that me and Venus did a party for?”

“Uh-huh,” Trina replied with a quizzical look in her eyes, while shaking her head up and down.

“I’ve tried to call him Trina and I couldn’t get in touch with him; I really want to see him again . . . but . . . I don’t know . . . all I know is that Darren will kick my ass if he finds out.”

Trina had been the only one Tamara had opened up to about Darren beating her and Trina’s response had been that Tamara needed to get her and D.J. away from him as fast as she could. Obviously Tamara hadn’t listened to her friend’s advice.

“Shoot girl, I say go and see him. You know where he lives at don’t you?”

“Yea, but Trina I don’t feel too comfortable going to his home uninvited, what if he has a lady?”

“What’s his number girl?” Trina asked as she picked the cordless phone up from the entertainment center where she had walked to and headed to the kitchen to check her food.

Tamara followed her and gave her friend the number, standing in the kitchen doorway nervously as Trina dialed. When the phone started ringing, Trina handed the phone to Tamara. She sat listening to the rings and when his voice mail picked up she listened to the sound of his sexy voice. When the answering machine beeped, she hung up without leaving a message once again.

“What happened?” Trina asked.

“I got his voicemail and hung up.”


“Why not? What is the purpose of leaving him a message?” Tamara replied.

Trina took the phone from Tamara, sat on the sofa and called Jasper. She knew how he felt about releasing confidential information on clients. She fabricated a story that Tamara had wanted to have something delivered to Mr. Smith as a token of her appreciation of his kindness on that night and how he had treated her and Venus.

When she hung up she had the name of Savion’s company and the location. Without explaining to Tamara, she walked into her bedroom and called the company.

When Trina reappeared, Tamara had a confused look on her face. Her friend had changed from grey sweats and a black and grey t-shirt. She now wore a black leather dress that zipped in the front and stopped 1 ½” above her black leather thigh high boots. She wore a ¾ length, black leather coat over this outfit and topped it off with a black leather cowboy hat to match.

“What the hell are you doing?” Tamara asked eyeing Trina up and down. Trina went to the kitchen and put her food away and grabbed her car keys off the entertainment center and said “Let’s go.”

Not sure what she was up to Tamara grabbed her purse and followed her friend out of the apartment and to the rear of the building. She continued to question her friend as she walked down the long corridor to another door. They walked outside and went down 3 flights of wrought iron stairs to a back parking lot where Trina’s black ‘00 Mustang was parked. Tamara had often thought Trina overdid it with her black theme, but hell if she liked it who was she to question her.

“Where are we going?” Tamara demanded.

Trina looked at Tamara over the hood of the car, “We’re going to see Savion and you’re going to handle your business.” Despite her hesitation Tamara jumped into the car next to her friend trying to figure out what had Trina done.

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