Those Who Are Never to Blame and Do No Wrong...(But Not Really)

3 years ago

Everyone knows at least one person who is never wrong and never to blame.  We all know them and they are the must frustrating brand of person to deal with.  I know of what I speak. No matter what happens in a situation, it's never their fault.  Whoever else is within blaming distance, bears the responsibility for whatever just went awry.  They can be caught redhanded doing the misdeed but they will immediately spin it so they justify what they've just done or said.  Of course, no one agrees that this person isn't to blame because others see reality.  Only someone equally drowning in their own narcissism would support their delusion.  

This type of person never sees him or herself as the wrongdoer, no matter how seriously inappropriate the infraction or how blatantly obvious it is that they were out of line.  Often they will perpetuate the situation by lying and telling anyone who listens how wrong the other person was, when in reality, the other person did nothing wrong at all. 

 But how do you deal with such lunacy?  Is it a bonafide mental health issue and you feel compassion?  Do you remove the person from your life once you realize they will never take responsibility for their words and actions?  Do you give up hope they will ever grow up and get real and see themselves for what they are--fallible and not without blame.  We all mess up and say or do the wrong thing, some worse than others.  But in complete and sincere seriousness, how do you manage your relationship with such a person, especially if they're a family member; especially if they're willing to lie openly and venomously about you when in fact, they were the one who behaved egregiously?  Do you let it go and limit your contact with them?  Or once you've reached your limit, do you exercise your right (and need) to boundaries and tell them that until they get it together, you're not going to be able to around them?  Post back.  Let me know how you deal with those particular difficult people who may be in your life.  I'm interested in your thoughts and theories!Featured on

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