Things to do when the power goes out

5 years ago


well for starters I hope someone will Google that because when you have no power you have no internet. No internet equals no Google!

Today’s Prompt for the Summer Blog challenge : 5 Things to do when the power goes out

Living in the great northeast, the power sure does go out frequently. As a family we always try to be prepared when the power does go off.

Safety first:


  1. Drive carefully. Remember that traffic signals may be out in a rolling blackout. Consider each intersection to be a four-way stop and drive defensively. Don’t go out on the road if you don’t need to.
  2. Have candles, matches, and flashlights. When the power goes out, you will need to have light to see by. Be sure you have extra batteries. Always use caution when using candles.
  3. Make sure you have water. If you have a well which relies on an electric pump you should fill several pots or jugs with water because in a power outage you may be left without running water.
  4. Have a backup heat source. Have a fireplace, wood stove, or kerosene heater heater available to keep you warm. Be sure you know how to use these sources safely, and have appropriate fuel at hand. Be careful to conserve energy if you’re anticipating a long outage.
  5. UNLESS there is an emergency, do not call 9-1-1. That number should ONLY be used if there is an emergency, or if someone is injured or in danger.


And after all your ducks are in a row………….Things to keep you busy while the power is out.

  1. Exercise. It may sound not fun and hard to do with no power,but there are some things you can do. Such as run around your house 10 times or do 100 jumping jacks. Its fun and a great way to stay in shape.
  2. Catch up on some sleep
  3. While in bed have sex. The rate of babies born 9 months after a power outage increase.
  4. Talk to one another. You have the time
  5. Take a walk out side and gaze at the stars. Often during power outages the lack of ambient light from streetlamps means you can see a lot more stars than usual


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