That's What I Love About Sunday

4 years ago

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…football season!  For the next 17 plus weeks, Sunday—the most dreaded day of the week for most people as it marks the end to the weekend and the beginning of the work week—becomes football fans’ favorite.  During these next several weeks, the weekend letdown we experience the other 35 Sundays of the year are replaced with anticipation, and “Sunday Funday” is in full swing.

So what makes Sunday so great?  For country artist Craig Morgan, it’s “Cat-napping on a porch swing; You curled up next to me”…at least according his song “That’s What I Love About Sunday.”  But for me, this is what I love about Sunday:

  • A day when you wake up extra early, when you could be sleeping in, just to check injury reports and set your fantasy football lineup
  • A day when you wake up knowing what you’re going to wear—your favorite team’s jersey—and don’t have to give your outfit another thought
  • A day when it’s socially acceptable to pour your first beer at noon
  • A day when chips and dip constitute a whole meal of food
  • A day when you don’t get upset with your boyfriend/husband for constantly flipping back-and-forth between multiple channels and multiple games so as not to miss any of the action
  • A day when you realize paying an extra $20 a month on your cable bill for NFL Sunday Ticket is totally worth it
  • A day when you can’t stop checking the computer to see how many points your fantasy players are racking up (and continuously hitting refresh if it’s not as many as you’d like—just incase it didn’t automatically update)
  • A day when your best friends become your biggest enemies as your rival teams and/or fantasy teams duke it out

  • A day when your creative juices start flowing as your rack your brain to come up with great fantasy smack talk

  • A day when you can jump up and down and scream at your t.v.  and none of our neighbors will file a noise complaint

For these brief months, I forget that Sunday means it’s almost time to get back to the grind…There is so much to look forward too.  That’s what I love about Sunday.

Contributed by HerGameLife Atlanta Falcons Blogger Haley.

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