thank-you "Crackberry"

7 years ago

Thank-goodness for Blackberry. I finally crossed the line just over a month ago and looking back I honestly don’t see how I survived. (By the way I am in no way being endorsed to write this…although, that’s only because no one asked, jk)
Let me tell you a couple reasons why I love it.
First of all, there is Blackberry Messenger, and since all of my closest friends and family also have one, we can chat and send pictures/videos/voice notes at the click of a button. Keeps everyone closer when peoples lives are so busy being consumed by (fill in the blank).
Second, I can write a list, and my boyfriend won’t throw it out on me. I have this issue where I feel as if I have to write down everything in the world that I need to do before I sleep. The BB memo pad, allows me to type and store any sort of list (things-to-do, things-to-shop, things-we-need are my most common) and always have it available to me at the click of (two) buttons without having a purse/wallet shoved full of small pieces of paper with chicken scribble. (This also saves the embarrassing possibility of dropping your list and having someone else find it and read it, and wonder why “Shave armpits” is only two lines away from “Bank” and “Garlic bread” )
It also has all the social media tools I can handle for one day, I get all the latest tweets, and never miss leaving sassy comments on peoples status on facebook.
As well I have my good old friend, Google, and now when I am on the road and I say “oh, I will have to google that when we get home”, I can actually just find out right then and there, in the car. (Given that I am not driving OF COURSE)
And finally….blogging.
You know when I started the urge to blog..I just googled “blog” and clicked the first choice (fancy that!… I am such a Google whore) which led me to
I had a good run with that, found some interesting people to start stalking…then I got my blackberry, and its like I have almost stopped using the computer all together. So I was sad, because now I was letting me dream of blogging go on to my list of I-wish-I-had-done-thats or unfinished-”new”-hobbies.
So one night, as I lay on my side breast feeding my 5 month old, I decided to catch up with an old friend Google and search for “blackberry blog apps” and came across this LOVELY creation from Word press. Immediately, I started up an account, transfered my one lost blog post and now I am finally able to get into my happy blogging!
And all is made possible thanks to and Blackberry. Because I don’t have to wait until the baby is sleeping, or until I am sitting down at home. I actually do most of my blogging while laying down and nursing my baby (my great-grandmother is turning in her grave!). Who would have thought technology would be able to release nursing mothers from the tedious task of always having to stare at a blank wall…now I can blog!

Until next time!

Rebecca xo

[note: this was originaly posted with WordPress for BlackBerry on my home blog @ http:/ Posted on July 9, 2010, again, part of my switch to Blogher :) but I will never give up my ability to blog on the go with my bb and Wordpress app, I'm not going to lie!]

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