Do Tell: Share Your Guilty Pleasures

8 years ago

Pop culture guilty pleasures. We all have them. We almost never admit them. Come on, you're at BlogHer. In the safe nest. Tell us all your secrets.

We asked some contributing editors to kick us off, but we really want to hear from YOU, the BlogHer community. What trips your trigger? What turns your crank? Leave your answers in the comments.

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Favorite Don't-Look-At-My-iPod-Display Band

Laurie: Let's just say I know from personal experience that Bret Michaels toured last summer.

Stephanie: I recently used iTunes to resurrect several high school-era mix tapes. We're talking Richard Marx, Bangles, P.M. Dawn, Icehouse, Chicago, and Rob Base/DJ E-Z Rock. So very angsty.

Sarah: I also still listen to Ratt on a semi- regular basis and we celebrate death metal Wednesdays at my house.

Favorite Supermaket Rag

Julie: I read all the tabloids because I need to know about prenatal Scientology and the dream weddings of B-list actresses. Also, I enjoy reading the word “sexts” used nonironically. But that, of course, is not a guilty pleasure. That’s just plain seeking the truth.

The guilty pleasure is that I actually read those things cover-to-cover –- including their STYLE recommendations and even their RECIPES.


Favorite Gossip Site

Heather: I read The Superficial every day. Awful stuff.

Favorite Movie You Have Never Admitted Until Just Now That You Love

Heather: I LOVE that cheesy movie, Maid in Manhattan, and have a terrible girl-crush on J-Lo.

Sarah: I finally saw Rock Star even though everyone said it was terrible, and I am ashamed to admit I want to watch it again.

Maria: Passenger 57. Always bet on black. Plus, spoiler alert, there is a mid-air plane hijacking and they safely land the plane at an airport. The hijackers and the good guy get off the plane and have a chase through a nearby carnival. They then get back on the plane and resume the hijacking. Best. Bad. Movie. Ever.

Best Sex Scene In a Movie

Erin: (had to ask her husband, seriously, Erin) The first sex scene with Mark Wahlberg and Julianne Moore in Boogie Nights.

Most Embarrassing Celebrity Crush

AV Flox: Macaulay Culkin

Suzanne:I have to confess to Daniel Craig. And/or Matt Damon. It's a close one.

Television Show On Which You Want a Walk-On Role

AV Flox: True Blood

Song That Makes You Table Dance

Laurie:I may have broken my dress during "Talk Dirty to Me."

Miguelina: That would be Sir-Mix-A-Lot's "I Like Big Butts."

Favorite Trashy Novel

Karen: Katie McAlister's contemporary romances. Who can resist titles like "Blow Me Down" and "Hard Day's Knight?"

Favorite Movie To Be Depressed By

Laura: The Devil Wears Prada

Morra: Bridget Jones' Diary

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