Tech Gifts for the Holidays

6 years ago
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Ah, tech gifts.  The ones many of us drool about and long to receive.  That makes it an easy category for recommendations - so listen to me and run out and buy a new Macbook Pro, a Kindle Fire, a fancy new smartphone, and/or the beloved iPad for that special person on your gift list.  What, you say?  You already KNOW about those obvious choices and you want something different, maybe a bit less expensive.  You're in just the right place....

Bedphones  I am a self-proclaimed poor sleeper.  My iPod, with its podcasts and audio books, is my best friend in the middle of the night.  So I'm familiar with the "oh my ears hurt so much from laying on my earbuds" lament.  The thought of earphones specially made for sleeping is, well, brilliant.  Someone should DEFINITELY get me some Bedphones for Christmas.


The Bringrr phone reminder  How many times have you needed to turn your car around and head back home because you forgot your cell phone?  Well, here's a solution to that pesky problem!  Plug the Bringrr into your car's power port, sync it with your cell phone via Bluetooth and now every time you start the car and your phone is not in the car this thing will beep.  How cool is that?  You do need a phone with Bluetooth (most smart phones have it) and if you're like me you'll want a teenager to set it up for you.  And bonus, it's a USB phone charger, too!  Also available on Amazon.

Agloves  We got about six inches of snow today.  It's cold.  When I go out, especially when I walk the dog, I wear gloves.  If my phone rings while we're on a walk, I need to pull the glove off to answer my smartphone, because you can't swipe or text on a touchscreen with a glove on.  Unless your glove is an Aglove.  Agloves are made of silver, which conducts the bioelectricity needed to text and swipe from finger to screen.  I've tried a pair, and they work GREAT.  If you live in cold weather, treat yourself or a friend to Agloves.  Fingers will be grateful.  And at less than $20, so will your wallet.  Do you know someone who wants to become more of a "power user" on their computer?  Maybe they want to explore photo or movie editing software, start a blog, design a website, use Word or Excel more effectively, or simply not feel frustrated every time they sit down at the keyboard.  Then give the gift of great online training videos at  They have content for beginners to experts, learning is at your own pace, you can rewind if you don't understand something, and it's all available 24/7.  You can give a gift certificate for one month for $25.  It's a great way to give a gift of learning and discovery.


iHome Mini Speaker  I fell in love with it when I bought it and I wrote about it then.  Still love it today.  Long story short it's a great little speaker for your computer or iPod.  And at less than $20, a great little gift too.  (If you have one of those Bed Bath and Beyond coupons you can save a few bucks if you buy it there.)


Dress up your iPhone, iPad or laptop   There's a million cases and skins out there for your electronic device, but we thought these were extra cool.  Society6 is an international art community representing over seventy countries worldwide.  They've partnered with Urban Outfitters to bring you great art for your mobile device.  They have skins for iPhones, iPods, laptops or iPads, and cases for iPhones.  You can also get an art print of the same image for visual harmony at home!  From $5.

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