Taylor Swift bought a mansion and an onlooker seethed.

5 years ago


Is it me or is there a growing class warfare or class envy? There have always been those who hate the rich and blame the poor but the first time I noticed it in the present form was when President Obama was elected. An interviewer asked elated women where they were going. They were physically running toward "Obama's stash". They thought their financial woes were over, that he would somehow personally give them funds to pay the mortgage and car payments. Who can fault them for wanting financial relief? They felt trapped in their financial situation and needed some one else to help them out of it.

A young accompanied our family as we went out to eat. We went to a local restaurant. A late model expensive vehicle drove by with 4 young occupants. Our companion was angry that the vehicle was so clean. He just "knew" that they had paid others to clean it. Regardless of the value of the vehicle, the fact that, in his mind, they had paid help to clean it infuriated him. It was as if their having paid help clean their vehicle (which may or may not have been true) meant he didn't.

Taylor Swift recently bought a home for over $4 million dollars in New York. The home allegedly was formerly valued at over $14 million. Due to the wonders of tell all modern technology and real estate entrepreneurship anyone can take a virtual tour of the home.

I noticed some one doing that. She stayed long in each room, taking in every detail, proclaiming that she could see herself living there. Initially it seemed that she was enjoying the tour.

Then she railed against “the rich”. She refused to be mollified. She accused “the rich” of evils beyond belief, and with each statement, with each room tour she fed her covetous spirit. She seethed over the fact “the rich” were rich and had so much, and the poor had nothing.  The fault lay entirely with “the rich”. It was as if success is a finite resource and a young singer buying a multi-million dollar house takes from that resouce generally and from her specifically, leaving her with nothing. She surmised, she has it, and has so much of ‘it’ and I don’t therefore it is her fault I don’t. That equation astounded me, I left, exhausted in the face of irrational venom.

Is this the personification of the much touted class warfare and the absurd hatred against the alleged 1%? If this is the attitude game of our time, I choose not to play.  To their detriment, they are.

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