Taye Diggs' Message to the Ladies: You're Allowed a Purse

6 years ago

I love Taye Diggs. Which is why I was so disappointed when I saw a tweet from him today and clicked over to his blog.

Before I begin my rant of disappointment, first a little background. Taye Diggs' site offers a mix of posts sharing his perspective on topics such as fashion, life, grooming, food, parenting and the arts and has a community forum for fans. It's a little like GOOP if Gwyneth Paltrow were a Black man. Today he tweeted that he had "a message for all the ladies." When it floated past my screen, thinking it would be an inspirational pep talk and hoping it would be a little flirty I eagerly clicked the link.

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I hoped for a wink and a smile because Taye Diggs is impossibly hot. When I covered the 2008 Democratic National Convention for BlogHer, at one point he and his entourage happened to walk past me. It was like a scene from a movie. Time seemed to stop and everyone but Taye Diggs got blurry and disappeared. As Taye moved past me in slow motion my jaw dropped as the flames trailing behind him singed me just a little bit. He is literally that hot in person.

Given all that, you can imagine just how crestfallen I was when, instead of a little bit of lady worship, I got a little bit of lady lecturing on how precisely to make my ass acceptable for male ogling. See, Taye doesn't like it when ladies with a "nice" (he does not define nice) shape wearing tight jeans ruin that shape by sticking a phone in their back pocket. This crime of fashion is especially egregious in Taye's eyes because ladies are "allowed" to carry a purse (his prior post wondered if men could get that same allowance) which is where they should stick that phone. Not on her ass. Because it interrupts Taye's appreciation of said fine ass. And just to make sure that we ladies understand the importance of this advice, he lets us know that he reminds his wife (the stunning Idina Menzel) to follow the same rules.

Now, some of my Contributing Editor sistren agree with Diggs' fashion advice. And perhaps if he were a fashion designer rather than a handsome and talented actor, I might sagely nod my head and agree that filling the pockets of any pair of pants, especially ones designed for a close fit, would disrupt the line and intended aesthetic effect. However, regardless of it being labeled as a "fashion pet peeve," the real message was twofold: 1. If I want to stare at your butt, don't mess up my view and 2. You have no excuse for messing up my view since you are allowed to carry a purse. Presumably if you are a dude or lack a "nice shape" you are exempt from Diggs' pocket edict.

But, bottom line: I didn't ask Taye Diggs to change his clothes or accessories to accomodate my preferences when I shamelessly allowed my eyes to bug out at the sght of his booty - pockets bulging or not. And I'm offended by the presumption that I should base my look and what I carry on the hopes that you will find my booty hot enough for you to gaze upon. Even if you are Taye Diggs.

What do you think? Are you on team I ain't mad at him and believe Taye Diggs is right that bulging pants pockets on ladies is a fashion crime? Or are you on team he can kiss my lumpy ass and plan to carry on proudly sans ladylike handbag?

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