Tales from a Volleyball Mom

5 years ago

Sports Moms. Just the two words are enough to make anyone say 'oh Lord'. I mean, you've seen it on the news, on reality tv, and on the internet. Moms on the sidelines of any soccer field, football field, basketball court, or volleyball court. Sure, you have seen the dads, some say they are worse; but I believe moms are a tad bit more emotionally invested than dads are.

Moms have no couth, we tell it like it is, whether it's to the coach, another mom, another play, or even our own child. We all believe that our child is the best, our child is the one that can win the game, our child, our child, our child.

There is always a 'code of conduct' parents sign at the beginning of a season. Do we always follow it? No, actually, HELL NO. In all of my years of volleyball, I have yet to see one mom or dad hold their tougue. Yes, I can honestly say that I am even guilty of this. As recently as last month. We have a coach, and they have reasons for what they do, I get that. But when those reasons don't add up to a win, it starts to make you question the coaching, even though you don't want to. It makes you hot in the head, it makes you mad, and yes, as a mom it makes you angry enough to be emotional!

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I am a volleyball mom. I believe my daughter has what it takes to go as far as she is willing to go in the sport. I push my daughter because I believe in her. I see you rolling your eyes, but let me tell you this; you are either reading this blog because you already know what it is like to be a volleyball mom and agree 100% or because your daughter does not have what it takes to go far in the sport and you disagree with me 100%. It's harsh, I know, but hey, it's the truth.

Those that can, do. It's the way it goes. Those that can't, are the moms. Our current club season is underway, we are currently preparing for another tournament in Jacksonville. I hope our team can get it together to place, we shall see, we shall see .....


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