A Summer of Movies: What's On Your List?

5 years ago

As the weather warms up, so are this year’s summer flicks. It’s all about those comedy/dramas, with fresh indie plot lines, the family movies that parent’s look forward to just as much as the kids, the action packed sequels to the poetic documentaries. It can be really hard to pick through all the up and coming films, to decide what's worth seeing, so I’ve broken them down for you, category by category, with some definite must see pictures.

Comedy/Drama (Many films span these two genre’s within one title.):

Woody Allen’s newest venture, To Rome With Love, brings Roberto Benigni  together with new Hollywood, Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg, along with a slew of other Italian and American actors, to see what hijinks ensue a la Allen’s usual course. The film follows Americans and Italians intermingling, centered around Allen as Jerry visiting his daughter in Rome to meet her Italian boyfriend. Of course there are love triangles and escapades and figuring out how all these characters are related.  It wouldn’t be a Woody Allen film without these aspects.

Elizabeth Banks, who is coming off the notoriety of the recent film What To Expect When You’re Expecting, stars in People Like Us as Frankie, a struggling single mom, who can’t forget visions of her father leaving her in the dust. Her counterpart, Sam (Chris Pine), is tasked with delivering $50,000 to Frankie (Banks), who doesn’t know he’s her brother. Sam, who is aware the Frankie is his sister, can’t bring himself to tell her that he’s the family their dad left her for.   

The movie that I’m most looking forward to seeing is Take This Waltz, staring Michelle Williams as Margot and Seth Rowgan as Lou, as a happily married quirky couple. Complicating their relationship is neighbor Daniel (Luke Kirby). This film follows Margot spending more time with Daniel, stemming from a shared cab ride from the airport, questioning her own life’s path. The film just looks so beautifully filmed, capturing the essence of today’s 20-something crowd, on a journey of discovery, finding oneself along the way.     

Another film to take notice of is Seeking A Friend For The End of the World, starring Steve Carel l (Dodge) and Keira Knightley (Penny) who find themselves together on a road trip as an asteroid nears the Earth, which supposedly will end the world. These two unlikely protagonists find themselves needing each other as the end nears, as they find themselves alone amongst chaos.

I also can’t help but take notice of Your Sister’s Sister, Grassroots, Hope Springs and The Campaign. Check them out. Trust me on this.




As a mom to a little girl, I’m all about girls rule, boys drool. Brave, a Walt Disney Pictures film, is set in mythical Scotland, taking on the fairy princess story, but inverting it: a perfect film to take my daughter to. Merida, born into royalty, denounces the traditional competition of suitors trying to win her hand, instead choosing to fight for herself, which of course sets a chain of events in the wrong direction. I just love the new twist on the Disney princess-like movies that Brave takes on.

I also can’t forget about Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. Sid, Manny, and Diego, must fend for themselves as their continent breaks off. As they travel across the frigid seas, they are met with a huge array of characters to add to the comedy that ensues when these three are together, including an epic battle with a slew of pirates. And the best part, I can totally see this as educational, being able to talk to kids about Pangaea.

For the older kids, there is Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. Tweens eat these books up, and they will dig seeing this third installment following Greg Heffley (Zachary Gordon) as he works a summer job at a country club, with the usual mischief happening. Tweens will also enjoy ParaNorman, from the makers of Coraline, with more amazing 3D stop-animation. Norman ( Kodi Smit-McPhee), who already feels like an outcast in his town, is tasked with saving his neighbors from a zombie apocalypse, if you will, because of his ability to speak to the dead.

And if you haven’t seen Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, yet, which opened last week, you must! See how that catchy tune Circus Afro Circus Afro Polka-Dot comes to play such a pivotal part in the film, with hilarity of course.  


A must see action film this summer is The Dark Knight Rises, as the next installment of the Batman series. Christian Bale returns to play the super hero, alongside new to the series, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, an antagonist, who appears to be stealing the scenes.  From the previews, Catwoman adds a whole lot of sexy and vixen to the film. She, along with Bane (Tom Hardy) are the evil in Gotham Batman fights against.   




Neal Young takes you on Neil Young Journeys, as he ventures back to his hometown in Canada to play Massey Hall in Toronto. It’s not just a concern film, but it also chronicles Young taking a look back at his routes. As well, Samsara, which in Sanskrit means "the ever turning wheel of life," is filmed on 70mm film, travelling around the world for four years, chronicling and juxtaposing the wonders of the world with our modern world. The cinematography looks tremendous, which is played alongside transcending music, leaving the viewer a place in the film to form their own ideas about this crazy world of ours.

Any summer movies you are dying to see?  Did you catch Rock of Ages this weekend?  What's up next?


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