Stuff I've Been Reading - June

3 years ago

Yey!  I made it to the second month!

Finished in May:
Nick Hornby - Ten Years in the Tub
Neil Shusterman - Unwind
George R.R. Martin - A Dance with Dragons
E.L. Konigsburg - From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

So, as I discussed in my last post, I just finished Ten Years in the Tub, a collection of Nick Hornby's columns from The Believer magazine, in which he discusses the books he's read over a month (or so).  I loved that book, just like I've loved all of his other books.  It was really funny and I made so many additions to my to read list (which did not need any additions, but that's a great problem to have).  Hornby and I disagreed on a few books we both read (Random Family, which I talked about last month), but he's still pretty much my favorite.  I also love that he loves Charles Dickens.  I, no kidding, thought David Copperfield was a total page-turner (now is when you all stop reading my book reviews, I suppose), so it was cool to hear one of my favorite authors talking about how funny he finds Dickens.  Plus he hated Huckleberry Finn, and I totally agree.

Ten Years in the Tub was supposed to be our June book club book (my month!), but people had trouble getting copies (Brooklyn Public Library for the win!), so we switched to the runner-up in our vote, Unwind.  Unwind was a really cool book.  It's YA and an easy read, but emotionally pretty intense.  One scene was one of the saddest things I can remember reading in quite some time.  I love reading YA - I think the characters and plots are often more accessible because the authors don't seem as interested in showing how smart they are.  Like any good 14-year-old, I'm pretty into dystopias and this is one, so wait to pick it up until you can enjoy it if you're over those right now.  It's different and definitely worth reading and I'm looking forward to the sequels.

Speaking of sequels, I'm now one of the crowd wailing about The Winds of Winter.  I devoured A Dance with Dragonsand promptly started catching up on 15 years of fan speculation about all sorts of things.  I missed so much in my first read through the books!  Time to start over!  Okay, maybe not today, but soon.

Finally, I read Mixed-Up Files to V.  It's one of my favorite books from childhood and I reread it from time to time.  It was a good book to read out loud - not too many different characters to come up with voices and there were pictures that I could show her.  I love the story and I hope she likes it when she's older.  I remember thinking about it the first time I visited the Metropolitan Museum, and I still think of it every time I go (which is  relatively often).  Running away to a museum was pretty much the dream when I was a kid, and would probably be my first choice today!  (Or maybe a really nice, really free hotel . . . I'm starting to think of a lot of nice places to run away to.)  There was one part about drugged candy that got a little dicey, but it probably would be relatively easy to talk through with an older child.

In other news, the sweater is finished!  Just need to take a decent picture.  Want to see a terrible sneak preview?

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