4 years ago
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This past Sunday on the “ This Week with George Stephanopoulos” ,  host, Martha ran a segment on whether or not Student Athletes should be paid.  While the NCAA has considered this in the past, the subject seems to come up every year or so.  

The report began with the unionization of college athletes as a solution to protecting the kids from some of the loopholes we see in their athletic agreements with the schools.  While there have been instances of kids losing their scholarship after receiving a career or season ending injury, I am not sure this is the way to go. Certainly more could be done by the NCAA to project our kid’s financial futures.      

What I found intriguing was the idea that the scholarship is a form of payment for the athlete who is employed by the school.   The discussion went on further to say that the NCAA feels that kids play college sport to “enhance their college experience and for the love of the sport”  Ok, so I totally get them as a mom, it is their passion!  Right? 

Yet what I found more compelling is one reporter ‘s  (Christine Brennan of USA Today) take on a benefit for the student is to come out of school debt free!  HA!  Ms. Brennan needs to do her homework, as most of the college athlete’s are in Division II & III with no or partial scholarship's and certainly coming out with student loan debt!   A very good reason why you must make sure that a school is a good financial fit for your family. 

While some see the big sports such as football and basketball as big money makers for the schools and the kids should be compensated in some way, I certainly feel that perhaps there is some way to find middle ground. 

Maybe, those on scholarship are already compensated and should be ensured of that in the case of injury.  How about giving a stipend to those Athletes in Division II & III whose schools are generating a ton of money from the sports?    In the end, no matter what the outcome,  sports make a ton of money and our kid’s need to be protected.  I want to say thank you to fellow Mother on the Sideline Martha Raddatz, (whose son plays Divison III football) for bringing to light the many faces of college sports.