Splitting Your Vote

4 years ago


On November 6, many Americans will enter the booth, some for the first time, and choose the next leaders of our country. Before you enter the booth, PLEASE do your research. Rather than spend hours discussing an athlete's hair style, use your access to the web and learn about the people you plan to put into office.

I digress.

When you go to vote, it may be intimidating. You will get swarmed by poll workers who will shove literature at you and tell you to vote for their candidate. Depending on how you are registered, you may think you are going to pull a lever and skip on out.


When you enter the booth, look at the names and since you have done your homework (see above!), you will know that some of the people you plan to vote for are not in your party. This is when voting takes a few minutes more.

Starting at THE BOTTOM of the machine, vote individually for each person.

Having done your research/homework, your machine should look like quite colorful. Rather than choose the lever of your party, you are going to press the corresponding button next to each name you have chosen.

Some handy things to remember:

1. It is NOT illegal to vote for the opposing party.

2. Your vote DOES count.

3. Voting for the President is very important, but voting for the local officials ensure that you really can get the changes you want.

4. Polls are opened from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. As long as you are in line, you can vote.

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