So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 10 Meet The All-Stars

The show opens with a Tyce Diorio routine that's a tribute to Gene Kelly. Missed why. What I didn't miss was that Tyce himself was dancing, and it was clear Cole wasn't doing much. They referred to him as "slightly injured", but you couldn't tell at all when his number came along. I thought it might be an overall evening about Gene Kelly. But no, pity.

The guest judge joining Nigel and Mary is Benjamin Millepied (aka Mr. Natalie Portman). He's lovely...but I might have just been seduced by his Frenchie accent.

Let's dig in:

1. Tiffani and All-Star Brandon did a Doriana Sanchez Disco routine 

Disco. The dance of death. But I think Tiffani will come out alright from this. In fact, she was better than Brandon, or at least managed to pretend she was having fun, while he looked like was working hard.

2. Witney and All-Star Nick did a Travis Wahl Jazz routine

That was pretty cool. I actually didn't think it was that *sexy*, as well done as it was. Perhaps I'm distracted by the fact that Witney is a teenager!!! Does no one else find all the slobbering over her creepy?

3. Cole and All-Star Anya did a Dmitry Chapin Cha Cha routine

I thought he did a great job. Especially with the performing part…he actually seemed more into it than she did. She looked worried. (Maybe she was.) Yes, I think he seemed a bit over the top, but I think if she managed to match his energy, it would have worked. And I'm an Anya fan, I just didn't think she was on for this one.

4. Lindsay and All-Star Jakob did a Spencer Liff Broadway routine

Very Fosse. Very. And he outdanced her by quite a bit…more extension, more limber, more Fosse flair. They executed the required shadowing very well, but she might be in trouble, given it was much more exciting to watch him.

5. Will and All-Star Kathryn did a Nakul Bollywood routine

I don't get the Will thing. I constantly wonder why he is still here. I cannot fathom that [spoiler alert] George and Cheon were both in the bottom, but Will was not...and this after Amelia went home too. He's too goofy. And too muggy. And meh, it overshadows the dancing. I can't particularly imagine anything he's awesome at. Just me?

6. Cyrus and All-Star Jamie did a Travis Wahl Contemporary routine

They did a really nice job. Cyrus always brings a great intensity and performance level that overshadows technique issues. When choreographers do the right thing by him, he will always come out smelling like a rose. Can he be a Josh/Russell style winner of it all? I think he can.

7. Cheon and All-Star Lauren did a Dave Scott Hip-hop routine

It was a very lyrical hip-hop routine, which was a good thing…I'm not sure Cheon would have been able to pull off a true down and dirty, stank-face routine. I thought Cheon looked chill and cool and surprisingly loose. Don't send him home America!

8. George and All-Star Allison danced a Tyce Diorio Jazz routine

I loves me some Allison...she's probably my favorite All-Star, since Benji never comes back. George is a great dancer. I can kind of see that he doesn't quite connect emotionally. He seems very even keel when performing or not. But he is a GREAT dancer.

9. Eliana and all-star Alex did a Stacy Tookey Contemporary routine

What can you say? Great job. Professional level job. She's pretty amazing, and it was nice to see Alex dance again.

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10. Audrey and All-Star Twitch did a Dave Scott Hip-hop routine

That was fun, but similar to the Jakob/Lindsay routine, the All-Star totally outshined the contestant. This wasn't the case all evening. There were plenty of numbers where I was watching the contestant more than the All-Star. But not this one. She kept up, but barely.

Bottom Four from Last Week:

Audrey and Witney, the judges save Witney, so Audrey is OUT.

Cheon and George, the judges save Cheon, so George is OUT.

Prediction for Bottom Four Next Week:

Witney and Lindsay, and the judges will save Lindsay.

Cole and Will (please!), and the judges will save Cole.

But what do you think?

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