So You Think You can Dance: Top 6 Perform, Top 4 Revealed

Welcome back to #SYTYCD, and it's all on you now, people! Meaning no more judges saves. It's all America voting now.

Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are joined by Christina Applegate as guest judge (and yes, she has some real cred as a dancer, having toured as Charity in the Bob Fosse-choreographed Sweet Charity).

Last night each dancer danced once with an All-Star, once with a fellow semi-finalist, and once solo. We got to see a lot of them, in other words.

So, let's get started:

1. Tiffany and All-Star Benji Schwimmer danced a Jean-Marc Genereaux Jive

I was SO excited Benji was back. I think he's my favorite #SYTYCD winner ever. But wow, where did Buff Benji come from??? I was pretty distracted by the beefcake...and I never thought I'd say that about Benji, believe you me. I love him, so I was mostly watching him. Tiffany held her own. And managed to stay standing in her high heels through two Buff Benji cartwheels on her back. She's tiny, but tough that Tiffany!

2. Witney solo

She went Paso Doble for it, but it really wasn't that exciting…way more skirt flinging than fancy footwork. Give me a little bit of flamenco to liven things up, chica!

3. Cole and All-Star Melanie danced a Sonya Tayeh Jazz routine

To me something felt a little awkward about this routine. The mutual lifting was cool. (More tiny tough women lifting buff boys.) But sometimes I felt not quite certain the routine was going as planned, and I don't think that's ever really a good thing.

4. Chehon solo

He's the best dancer of this group. That seems clear to me. I don't know if it's so clear to others.

5. Eliana and All-Star Twitch danced a Christopher Scott Hip-hop routine

This was also just OK for me, as Randy Jackson would say (#mixedrealityshowmetaphors). Like the music that accompanied it, it was a bit disjointed. And just a bunch of booty shaking. They have a lot of that on #SYTYCD, but I don't have to think it's the most stellar kind of routine.

6. Tiffany solo

That was fine. The most notable part about it was her fine fine set of abs on display. My goodness. 

7. Chehon and All-Star Kathryn danced a Tyce Diorio Contemporary routine

©2012 FOX Broadcasting Co. Cr: Mike Yarish

Very emotional piece about, generally, exodus. Very powerful, but also very technical. I think the build-up to the piece got me thinking I'd react much more viscerally to it than I did, and I wonder if that will impact any other viewers? Sometimes they tell us how we're going to feel just a bit too much.

8. Cole solo

He is very very strong, and very very original when it comes to this show and the kind of dancers we've seen before.

9. Witney and All-Star Marko dance a Ray Leeper Lyrical Jazz routine

Hmm. First, I didn't remember Marko at all. Like, not at all. I'm sorry Marko! Second, I didn't love it either. It didn't seem all that original. I got bored 30 seconds in.

10. Eliana solo

Eliana is the best woman dancer. Chehon may have the overall edge, but she is spectacular.

11. Cyrus and All-Star Comfort danced a Christopher Scott DubStep routine

This routine was super-cool. I liked that it had a narrative without having to be an angsty lyrical hip-hop routine. Cyrus + Comfort equaled Awesome.

12. Witney and Chehon danced a Jean Marc Genereaux Cha Cha routine

This was heart-stopping, and not in a good way. I mean: Wow, that's the closest I've ever seen anyone come to actually dropping their partner. I thought Chehon did as well as he could, but it was kind of unfair that it was Witney's wheelhouse. Both for him, because she could easily outshine him, and for her, because she couldn't do even better when someone was almost dropping her on her head!

13. Cyrus solo

This piece had more emotion than Cyrus' solos usually do. In fact, he reminded me of the Exorcist dude from the original auditions and Vegas Week. It's no surprise Cyrus is still in...he's intriguing, he's hard-working, and he hasn't had to do ballroom.

14. Eliana and Cole danced a Mia Michaels Contemporary routine

That was really cool. Sort of slow-mo Matrix, anime mash-up style of piece. I noticed exactly what Christina did, which was Eliana's amazing feet. From point to flex and every articulated movement in between. Who knew feet could do so much?

15. Cyrus and Tiffani danced a Spencer Liff Broadway routine

This was OK, but I didn't love it. It was more of the same sexy-time, gyrations (plus lots of splits) that we see all the time, but don't really show off their dancing so much as their hot bods. I mean, not that there's anything wrong with that per se, but I do likes me some dancing. Given these are all teenagers (or sub-25 year olds) I feel better about myself assessing their, um, DANCING. (See my last recap and the concern about over-sexifying Witney...who's a TEENAGER.)

So, in this last week before the finale, American has the final vote, and they eliminated: Witney and Cole.

I wasn't surprised by Witney. Was a bit surprised by Cole.

How will the Final Four stack up?

Here's my "should be" ranking:

4th: Cyrus
3rd: Tiffany
1st: Chehon

But I think this is the "will be" ranking:

4th: Eliana
3rd: Chehon
1st: Cyrus 

But what do you think?

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