So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 16 Perform and Two Go Home

We're back, and the Top 16 will perform tonight (including new couple Amber and Brandon) even though we already know who will be in the Bottom Six from last week. Christina Applegate is back as Guest Judge. And she loves this show and dancing and dancers very very much.

1. Tiffany and George danced a Hip Hop routine by Tabitha and Napoleon

I gotta say: So far this hasn't been NappyTabs's season. I thought this piece was marginal. Tiffany definitely had the stank face going on, so you know, good on her. But is stank face really appropriate in a big Dr. Seussian setting of a child's nursery? It was kind of bizarre. I don't think George has a stank bone in his body. This wasn't a routine to keep them way safe, let's just say that. 

2. Amber and Brandon and danced a Jazz routine by Ray Leeper

This routine was all about sex. Sex in some bygone era. The man getting home from work and wanting his evening whoopie right. this. minute. The woman sitting at home in her hot lingerie. It felt a bit skanky. Probably because of her very very, um, alluring, costume. I kept wondering how old she was and feeling a bit dirty. It was all just a bit too much for me.

3. Janelle and Dareian dance a Cha Cha routine by Pasha

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I liked that, and I thought they did a pretty impressive job for so early in the season, but it felt a bit rough. They hit all their marks, but it had a certain lack of heat and finesse. Unlike Pasha. Who is still damn cute. But where is Anya?

4. Lindsay and Cole danced a Contemporary routine by Mandy Moore

That was very contemporary-ish. So flail-y. I didn't get the narrative. I mean I know Mandy babbled on for a while about something, but it just didn't seem to be conveyed in the actual dance. I will say that ballroom dancer Lindsay, like Benji's cousin Heidi from long ago Season 2, took to Contemporary like a duck to water. She clearly doesn't have quite the fan base of Cole (see below) but they'll likely be safe.

5. Amelia and Will danced a Jazz routine by Mandy Moore

Mandy's second routine of the night was more interesting to me. A black and white and robotic all over number that was more quirky than jerky, and that Amelia and Will seemed to have a lot of fun performing. It was just cool. That first cold, robotic number that sent Alexa and Daniel home on week one could have been this interesting and fun.

6. Audrey and Matthew danced a Salsa routine by Liz Lira

This couple fades a bit for me. It takes me a while to conjure up in my mind who they are and what they look like and how they dance. Which isn't a good thing. They were very concerned about doing the big tricks, but without them this number would not have had much heat. The tricks ended up being the best part about it. Not sure it will be enough though.

7. Whitney and Cheon danced a Contemporary routine by Stacey Tookey

This was very very nice and beautiful, but am I the only one who was completely jarred by how terrible the music cut was? That's of course not the dancers' faults, and I doubt it will put them at risk, but come on people!

8. Eleanna and Cyrus danced a Hip Hop routine by Tabitha and Napoleon

OK, NappyTabs redeems themselves with a very clever and cool number that makes the most of Cyrus's animator style and Eleanna's ballerina chops. I really liked this one. It felt original and like it fit this pair like a glove.

We Learn the Bottom Six From Last Week:

Amber, Lindsay and Eleanna: Asked Amber and Eleanna to dance again. They send Amber home.

George, Brandon and Dareian: Asked Brandon and Dareian to dance again. They send Brandon home.

I am pretty shocked that Eleanna was in the bottom, and it's kind of surprising George was too. I could have guessed Cyrus was more popular than Eleanna, but didn't think Tiffany would be more than George. Also pretty shocked that Dareian was in the bottom for that horrible 60s style dance, but his partner wasn't, and that Lindsay was in the bottom for that horrific sexy dentist and the nerd dance, but Cole wasn't. Amber and Brandon were more predictable. As was the fact that they went home.

Bottom line for the Bottom Six Next Week:

Should be: Tiffany, George, Janelle, Dareian, Audrey, Matthew with Audrey and Matthew going home. 

Will be: I feel like that's the Bottom Six, but it might be Janelle and Dareian going home.

But what did you think?

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